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A Case Study of Clergy Sexual Abuse

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Childproof 25: Part I — Cardinal Dolan and the Next Generation Response to Sexual Molestation by Clergymen

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Dear Bishop Gaydos:

Ten years ago this month, on 8 March 2002, Bishop Anthony J. O’Connell admitted publicly that he is a child molester.  You
shielded O’Connell, joining the criminal conspiracy established by your predecessor Michael F. McAuliffe to victimize the vulnerable.
It is evident that you and your accomplices have lived your lives between the lines of law and custom, empty cassocks with no inner core of conviction.

It is appropriate, therefore, to note Benedict XVI’s reconfiguration
of the College of Cardinals:  a situation that requires us to diverge a moment and update the commentary following, which was published originally at Come to the Stable/The Stephen Spalding Foundation,
29 March 2009.

“If the doors of perception were cleansed
every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite.
For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things
thro' narrow chinks of his cavern.” 

William Blake
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Passing the Torch: Bernard F. Cardinal Law
(left) congratulates 18 February 2012
Timothy M. Cardinal Dolan of New York,
who was inducted into the College of
Cardinals by Pope Benedict XVI: a classic
case of clerical cynicism and criminal
cronyism.  The scope of their involvement
in the pedophile priest scandal has
decimated the moral authority of the
Roman Catholic Church worldwide.

Timothy M. Dolan — archbishop of
New York, newly appointed to the
College of Cardinals, and Prince

of the Church — represents the
next generation of accomplices
protecting sexual predators
employed by the Roman
Catholic Church in the

United States. 

In the autumn of 2008, Dolan
travelled from Milwaukee,
Wisc., where he was the sitting
archbishop, to St. Louis, Mo.
He came home to visit an uncle
hospitalized with a serious
There he saw a priest
who criticized him in a face-to-
face meeting about his handling
of the clergy child molestation
scandal in St. Louis
and Milwaukee. 

Dolan and the Wolf Pack:  A Priest Tells
the Truth about Clergy Sex Abuse
In particular, this priest was concerned about Dolan’s unwillingness to break with those who protect predator priests. Dolan responded with a derisive stare for this bold rebuke, offended that a lowly priest would accost someone of his stature.

Causing Scandal: Dolan (left) offers
Rembert G. Weakland, his predecessor
as archbishop of Milwaukee, the kiss of peace
at his 2002 consecration at the Cathedral of
St. John the Evangelist.  Weakland resigned
the previous year due to  revelations about
his scandalous sex life.  Auxiliary Bishop
Richard Sklba observes.  Dolan, as the 10th
archbishop of Milwaukee, was promoted to
New York, leaving the Wisconsin diocese to
deal with 550 child molestation cases.

This priest also chastised the
St. Louis native for causing
scandal by allowing Archbishop
Rembert Weakland, O.S.B., to
participate in his consecration
ceremony of apostolic succession

in Milwaukee.  The peccadillos
of the
disgraced Benedictine
monk, who paid out more than
$450,000 in hush money to a
vulnerable adult that he had
molested for many years, cannot

be whitewashed by the laying of
hands by the successors of the
Apostles (woe to him through
whom scandal comes, according

to Luke 17.1, 2).

Dolan’s consecration as archbishop of Milwaukee was a perversion of truth, this priest noted.  Further, he chastised Dolan for using his homily to gloss over Weakland’s immorality with deceitful humor.

“You folks now how to do permanent damage to the lives of [children]:  it is quite clear that you know nothing about how to fix it,” this priest has stated in writing to you, Bishop Gaydos.  “If I were to turn a [victim of clergy sex abuse] over to you now, I fear I might simply be tossing a badly wounded lamb to the Wolf Pack.” 

An Irish Tragedy
chronicles the rise
of Bishop Anthony J.
O’Connell and the
history of the
pedophile priest
crisis in the
United States.
Dolan merely brushed the priest aside as an
inconvenience. But by the end of his tenure
in Milwaukee, Dolan commissioned a bronze
plaque of Weakland surrounded by children:
vainglorious commemoration within the walls
of the Milwaukee cathedral that proved that
this ecclesial evaluation accurate.

In effect, Dolan chose to sow discord and
offense.  He belittled gross indecency as
a mere trifle.  He repudiated victimization
and sexual molestation as if it were a small
thing to despoil and defraud the weak.

Dolan may have extolled Weakland’s “virtue”
in 2002, but five years later he attacked the
San Francisco gay community and coerced
Miller Brewery to end its sponsorship of the Folsom Street Fair.   Another telling tale of this man’s prevarication with the truth.

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan receives the
pallium from Pope John Paul II during a
ceremony in June 2003.

An Irish Tragedy: The Cult 
of Plausible Deniability
The meeting between bishop
and priest occurred shortly
after the publication of an
insightful book about childhood
sexual abuse and pedophiles
priests in the
United States;
the role of the Irish church
in this debacle; and the
criminal conspiracy by church
administrators to conceal
the scandal.

Rev. Gary P. Wolken:
One of two St. Louis
pedophile priests who
shared Dolan’s St. Louis
residence when he was
an auxiliary bishop
there. Dolan continues
to protect Wolken and
to lobby for this sexual
predator’s early prison
The candid analysis of this historic failure
to protect children and vulnerable adults
from ordained sexual predators is encapsulated
An Irish Tragedy: How Sex Abuse by Irish
Priests Helped Cripple the Catholic Church

The author, Joe Rigert, is an investigative
reporter in Minneapolis, Minn., not only
captures the essence of the sexual
molestation crisis nationwide — with
a special focus on 
Missouri’s bishops —
he also gives new
life to those
victimized as youngsters.

A Moral Absolute: Embracing the Legacy
of Cardinal Law to Protect Child Predators
Dolan’s management of the church’s child
molestation scandal has become the
for this culture of denial and
obfuscation: a rejuvenated sense of clerical
self-righteousness and arrogance as it pertains
to the American legal
system.  His attitude pushes the protection of children and vulnerable adults further down the scale of all  reporting
standards necessary for
a safe society

Bishop Anthony J. O’Connell,
Kenrick class of 1963, admits that
he is a child molester.  Come to
the Stable/The Stephen Spalding
Foundation has documented 16
cases to date involving O’Connell
and the victimization of minors
in his care as a faculty member
and rector of St. Thomas Aquinas
High School Seminary in Hannibal,
Mo.  Unlike the pedophile priests
protected by Dolan, who have
been convicted of sex crimes
and sentenced to prison terms,
O’Connell lives in luxury near
Charleston, N.C., forced into
early retirement.
For instance, he publicly supported
the Rev. Bryan Kuchar, who was
sentenced to three years in the
St. Louis County Jail in Clayton
following his August 2003 conviction
on three counts of statutory sodomy.
Kuchar was released into the custody
of the archdiocese of St. Louis in
August 2006 with the promise that
he would be defrocked. He never

expressed remorse for his crimes
against children.

The Academy vs. Priestly Formation
Dolan’s early education at Cardinal
Glennon College — as with Bernard
Cardinal Law’s studies
at the Pontifical College Josephinum
in Columbus, Ohio — is the bedrock
of this self-serving attitude toward
the law. It is a misperception of
justice reinforced by training at the Pontifical North American College
in Rome and t
he Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.,
particularly for careerists like Dolan in pursuit of a degree in canon law and  higher church office.  As a result, t
he cult of plausible deniability, as far as pedophile priest are concerned, continues to flourish as if it were a Medieval rose garden.

In St. Louis, the Rev.
Bryan Kuchar was
protected by Dolan and
then by the chancellor,
Msgr. Richard F. Stika.
Stika, in turn, was
promoted as bishop of
Knoxville, Tenn.: 
first diocese led
Bishop Anthony J.

O’Connell. Like Dolan,
Stika championed

s innocence

even after the
pedophile priest
was convicted and
sentenced in
2003 to
three years in
St. Louis County
Jail on three counts of
statutory sodomy.
Justin Cardinal Rigali of Philadelphia, as
archbishop of St. Louis, tapped Dolan to
restructure the seminary program there
in the late 80’s as Cardinal Glennon
College/Kenrick Seminary.  

With Rigali’s approval, Dolan tossed
out  the  Vincentians — The Society
of St. Vincent de Paul, Congregation of
the Mission — who established the
institution of higher learning in 1818
on the
banks of the Mississippi River.
Dolan replaced the 177-year-old curriculum
with a fundamentalist regimen. He recruited
a team of third-rate academics to staff the
new Bible college cum school of theology. 

In the meanwhile, Rigali established RECON,
a residential facility for pedophile priests
near St. Louis (a former boys ranch and
boarding school owned and operated by
the Rev. Bertin Miller, O.F.M., a 76-year-
oldFranciscan priest
, who refurbished his
property to accommodate this newly
church-sponsored revenue stream and
protect this brand of child molester).

Kenrick: A Regional Powerhouse
Poised for Expansion and Control
As archbishop of
St. Louis, Justin
Cardinal Rigali of
Philadelphia was an
early Dolan mentor.
In addition, Rigali
established RECON,
a sexual predator
residential facility
near St. Louis (a
former boys ranch
and boarding school
owned and operated
by the Franciscans).
The American hierarchy perceives the Glennon/
Kenrick reformation as a revitalized training
center for the next generation of clergy in the
United States. Dolan used the re-varnished image
of St. Louis seminary education to launch the next
phase of his international career: rector of the
North American College in Rome (1994-2001).

Rigali promoted Dolan to auxiliary bishop as the
follow-up to his tenure at the North American.
Dolan, in turn, continued to nurture his reputation
as an expert on the priestly formation of Roman
Catholic clergymen.

Kenrick alumni work in parishes in Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, Tennessee, and other
states throughout the Middle West.

Kenrick alumni also lead the dioceses of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Mo.
(Robert W. Finn, who was a St. Louis auxiliary with Dolan), Kansas City,
Kan. (Joseph F. Naumann), Fort Worth, Texas (Kevin W. Vann), Jefferson City, Mo. (John R. Gaydos, Carberry’s last secretary and member, board of governors, Pontifical North American College in Rome), and Dolan from Milwaukee and now New York. Bishop Michael J. Sheridan of Colorado Springs, Colo., is a former St. Louis auxiliary bishop as well as a Kenrick alumnus and former faculty member.

Bishop Michael J. Sheridan of Colorado
Springs is a former auxiliary of St. Louis
(promoted by Cardinal Rigali), a former
Kenrick faculty member, and a Glennon
alum. Two of his former students include
the Rev. Michael A. Campbell and the
Rev.Michael A. Freymuth, who have
been identified as serial child predators.

Sheridan’s fellow priests
in St. Louis are
well-aware of his lifestyle,
habits, and
tastes, particularly with regard
to the
Rev. David G. Buescher, a former
member at St. Thomas Aquinas
School Seminary in Hannibal, Mo.
George J. Lucas was promoted
from rector to bishop of Springfield, Ill.; and, now, he is the archbishop
of Omaha, Nebr. Bishop J. Terry
Steib of Memphis is a former
St. Louis auxiliary.

Cardinal Law engineered the rise
of O’Connell, a member of the
Kenrick ordination class of 1963.
As a the key member of the
Vatican’s Congregation of Bishops,
Law appointed O’Connell as the
first bishop of Knoxville, Tenn.
In 1998, O’Connell moved up
in prestige as bishop of Palm
Beach, Fla., with the help of
his great friend.

And just as Cardinal Law once
sent his students to study there
when he was bishop of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, Mo. (1973-1984); so, too, his successor, James Van Johnston — O’Connell’s Knoxville protégé — continues this tradition.

Msgr. Richard F. Stika of
St. Louis succeeded
Archbishop Joseph E.
Kurtz of Louisville, Ky.,
as bishop of
Tenn.  Stika built his
resume as a willing
participant and protector
of pedophile priests in
St. Louis:  taking a page
the playbook of two
of  his mentors, St. Louis
native Timothy M. Dolan
of New York and Justin F.
Rigali of Philadelphia, Pa.
O’Connell’s successor as the third bishop of
Knoxville is Richard F. Stika, a member of
the 1985 Kenrick ordination class.

Stika, a Rigali protégé, has staked his career
on protecting pedophile priests such as
Kuchar and Wolken, who were a year behind
him in seminary.  
It should not be surprising,
then, that Stika is a member of the USCCB
Committee on Child and Youth Protection
(of which Gaydos is an alumnus).

This member of the new generation of
church management to protect pedophile
priests has earned his stripes, or should
we say cassock piping, as a leading figure
in the St. Louis archdiocese. 
For example,
s chancellor of the archdiocese of St. Louis,
he coordinated the 1999 visit of John Paul II
to Missouri.

Bishop Glennon P. Flavin
(1916-1995), an icon of
monolithic Church
management practices,
was promoted by Carberry
as an auxiliary in St. Louis
and then Lincoln, Neb. 
Flavin  remains a mythic
role  model for clergyman
such as Dolan, who thrill
at the clerical gambit to
consolidate and maintain
power, position, and
authority.  Flavin also is
known to have  associated
with predatory priests
who used religious
ceremony as a guise to
molest young girls.
Stika likes to joke that JPII is his spiritual grandfather, because the pontiff consecrated
Rigali as archbishop of the Mississippi river
town, and Rigali appointed the chancellor as
bishop of Knoxville.  It is amusing that the Knoxville diocesan website includes a page dedicated to Rigali in addition to contact
for the disgraced churchman. 

Fabian W. Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Neb.,
should be included in this mix because
he has maintained and strengthened
the culture established by his immediate predecessor, the legendary bishop
Glennon P.
Flavin (1967-1992) of St. Louis.

Bishop Flavin is known to have molested at
least four young girls during his Missouri
career (ordained a priest in 1941; auxiliary
bishop, 1957-1967).  The allegations are
noteworthy in that Roman Catholic ritual
was used to victimize these children.

Second Hand Rose:
Raymond L. Cardinal
Burke’s penchant for
dress-up is a costly fetish.
The estimated cost of
this green ensemble is
$20,000:  miter, $3,000;
gloves, $1,000; matching
buskins (satin brocade
slippers), $800; matching
socks, $39.00; chasuble,
$9,000; ring,$4,600.
Bishop Flavin (1916-1995) also is known
to have associated with a number of
predatory priests using religious ceremony
as a guise to attack young girls.  According
to the victims, this group includes Msgr.
Maurice F. Byrne, former St. Louis vice-
chancellor; Msgr. George A. Lodes, who
built and dedicated in 1978 Sainte
Geneviève du Bois Church in Warson Woods,
Mo.; and Msgr. Michael Owens.

Bishop Flavin’s brother, Msgr. Cornelius J.
, is the first pastor with who Dolan
shared a rectory
as a newly ordained
priest.  Dolan considers Cornelius Flavin
(1909-1996) to be a modern-day Jean-
Baptiste-Marie Vianney, the 19th century
French priest canonized 1925 by Pius XI
and now known as the Curé D’Ars, patron
of clergymen.  How Cornelius Flavin dealt
with his brother and his brother’s associates
is open to speculation in light of the fact
that the
archdiocese of St. Louis maintains
control of documents that identify pedophile
But history tells us we can assume
the obvious.

Barbie Doll Bishop: 
Robert W. Finn, bishop
of the Diocese of Kansas
City-St. Joseph, Mo., is
a member of the Kenrick
ordination class of 1980,
along with the Rev.
Michael A. Campbell
and the Rev. Michael A.
Freymuth.  Like Dolan,
Finn  found a powerful
patron in  Cardinal Burke.
Burke named Finn an
auxiliary bishop before
being promoted himself
as chief justice of the
Vatican Supreme Court.
Religious Belief as Fetish
Rigali’s successor, Raymond Cardinal
Burke, who is still chairman of Kenrick’s
board of trustees, was appointed
chief justice of the Vatican’s supreme
court in 2008.  He is a leader of t
Institute of Christ the King Sovereign
(Institutum Christi Regis Summi
a reactionary organization
similar to the Society of St. Pius X
and the Legionnaires of Christ.

Burke also is affiliated with the New
Liturgical Movement
(NLM), whose
acolytes betray an unnatural devotion
to silk brocade, antique lace, and velvet
buskins (sacerdotal slippers) and disguise
their fetish for
candlewick embroidery
and goldwork needlepoint with militant
devotion for Gregorian chant and music
of the Renaissance.  Frou-frou and lacey
finery are not bad things, even though it
is not uncommon for Burke’s ecclesial
ensemble costs as much as $30,000
As it is, Burke is now the Carrie
Bradshaw of the American hierarchy

and we must wonder at the so-called
churchman who lives so extravagantly
on someone else’s money during our
long-term economic peril and ignores
sex crimes perpetrated against children.

Champagne Tastes:  Raymond Cardinal Burke is a fashion icon among the French-cuffed
clergy crowd (
seated, left, with zucchetto)
.  Burke continues the Carberry tradition,
enjoying the
high life of midnight suppers with Veuve-Cliquoet champagne and caviar.
In Tuscany, this
al fresco gathering
at the Institute of the Christ the King  Sovereign
Priest Seminary in
, Italy, a Tuscan village near Florence seems to suit
Burke’s gourmand affections.

Next Time:  Part II — The Next Generation Response Continues.


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