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A Case Study of Clergy Sexual Abuse

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Childproof 26: Part II — Cardinal Dolan and the Next Generation Response to Sexual Molestation by Clergymen

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Dear Bishop Gaydos:

Ten years ago this month, on 8 March 2002, Bishop Anthony J. O’Connell admitted publicly that he is a child molester.  You shielded O’Connell, joining the criminal conspiracy established by your predecessor, Michael J. McAuliffe, and Bernard Cardinal Law (an O’Connell crony), to victimize the vulnerable.  It is evident that you and your accomplices have lived your lives between the lines of law and custom, empty cassocks with no inner core of conviction.

Bernard Cardinal Law acknowledges his boss, Pope Benedict XVI.  Pontiff
and Prelate are known accomplices in the protection of pedophile priests.

Benedict’s role can be traced to his tenure as archbishop of Munich,
Germany; Law from Boston, Mass., to Springfield-Cape Girardeau, Mo.

It is appropriate to continue this commentary and note Benedict XVI’s reconfiguration of the College of Cardinals, especially the promotion of Timothy M. Cardinal Dolan, whose career you nurtured as vocation director for the archdiocese of St. Louis.  This state of affairs requires us to diverge a moment and document the wide-ranging network of corruption designed to protect pedophile priests:

“A voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation and
bitter weeping; Rachel weeping for her children.
refusing to be comforted for her children, because
they were not

                                                 ― Jeremiah, 31:15


Missouri Bishops to Victims:  Drop Dead
In addition to these pet projects, Raymond Cardinal Burke expanded Justin Cardinal Rigali’s “residential treatment” efforts, allowing the Servants of the Paraclete to operate the so-called Vianney Renewal Center in Jefferson County, near St. Louis; and compete with  RECON in Dittmer, Mo. 

As we have mentioned, RECON once was a boys ranch and boarding school that has been refurbished as a residence for pedophile priests.  RECON is still owned and operated by the Rev. Bertin Miller (Gross receipts for “services performed” at RECON jumped to almost $600,000 in 2002 from $234,000 in 1999, enabling Miller to nearly double his salary to $71,500 in 2003 from $36,000 in 2000).

Lady Cardinal Gaga: Raymond Cardinal Burke and Bishop Robert Finn
of  Kansas City, Mo., love to place dress up in antique costumes.  It
appears they hope to restore their credibility with the public and
moral authority with their followers by retreating to the church’s
19th century wardrobe, adopting the papal noblesse of Pius IX and
his fatuous moniker:  L’Eglise c’est moi.  (“I am the Church.”)
Perhaps pas devants les ecclésiastique is more appropriate as we
continue to seek justice for those they continue to harm.

Burke also permitted the warehousing sexual predators at the old Kenrick Seminary site, part of which has been refurbished as a retirement home, known as Regina Cleri.   We have published memoranda that document Carlson’s career  as a willing accessory
to shield pedophile priests during his tenure 
with the archdiocese
of St. Paul-Minneapolis. 

Pope Francis summarily dismissed Burke from the Congregation of Bishops in 2013, a position he inherited from Law.  It appears that Francis wants to limit the damage of Burke's protégés — Robert W. Finn, bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph; John C. Nienstedt, archbishop of St. Paul-Minneapolis; and Thomas J. Paprocki, bishop of Springfield, Ill. — and prevent further promotions of men who openly protect child predators (Finn); politicize the Church (Nienstedt and marriage equality); or conduct public exorcisms (Paprocki versus the state legislature). 

Sadly, Burke’s legacy is a carbuncle that continues to fester under Archbishop Carlson’s leadership.  Together, they have sacrificed the survivors of pedophile priests and thumbed their noses at civil society
en masse.

Kenrick Fishing Expedition:  The Two Bobs Sue SNAP
Carlson also has joined forces with Finn — The Two Bobs or The Sisters Bob (you may pick the appropriate appellation) — to launch a major legal assault on the survivors of what we politely call “clergy sexual abuse.”  In January, these two crime bosses sued the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP) demanding total access
to the group’s files and records.  This
SLAPP suit designed to slow and/or prevent the trials of pedophile priests whom they employ, including the Rev. Shawn Ratigan in Kansas City and the Rev.
Joseph D. Ross
in St. Louis.

Mug Shot: Rev. Shawn F. Ratigan, arrested in 2011 by the FBI on
child pornography charges, is being held on $200,000 bond.  Bishop
Finn has been indicted by two grand juries in this case

Even more astonishing, The Two Bobs have engaged The Catholic League to smear SNAP and executive director David Clohessy.  The League’s executive director, William Donohue, has provided spurious commentary as a guest of Raymond Arroyo and the Eternal Word Network programming executives. 

We assume that M. Donohue also wields the poison pen in unsigned posts on the League’s website that replenishes the tasteless campaign against SNAP.  Donahue, who is a divorced Catholic, uses Mr. Clohessy’s younger brother, Kevin, as the Tar Baby.

We are confident the Archbishop Robert J. Carlson of St. Louis (right) and
Raymond L. Cardinal Burke, his predecessor, are working in concert to smear
SNAP and silence anyone with knowledge of the pedophile priest scandal in
the United States.  Carlson, along with Burke’s
protégé in Kansas City, Mo.,
Robert W. Finn (a former St. Louis auxiliary bishop) are spear-heading this
ecclesiastical cartel to disenfranchise victims and dismember their support
network.  Burke is chief justice of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic
Signatura, aka Vatican Supreme Court.  In 2013, Pope Francis removed
Burke from his post with the Congregation of Bishop: his immediate
predecessor was Bernard Cardinal Law.

Mr. Donohue’s ridiculous tantrums fail to convince anyone that SNAP and Mr. Clohessy are in the business of protecting child molesters.  The American bishops have cornered the market on that score.  But as we know, you, Bishop Gaydos, removed Kevin from active ministry as a priest, and then rewarded him by engineering a cushy job as executive director of the Boone County Red Cross in Columbia, Mo.  We can assume that the Rev. Kevin Clohessy was warehoused at RECON for a period of time and that fact was not disclosed to the non-profit during the hiring process.  

The magnitude of this falsity is beyond comprehension.  I grew up
with both brothers
and know what I say.

Kenrick Network Stratagem: Trafficking in Strife, Discord
I can recall the warmth of a summer evening when Kevin and I shared a conversation about the priesthood on the steps of the Moberly Public Library, a classic Carnegie structure.  Kevin asked a myriad of questions and I responded as a youthful recruiter for St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Hannibal.

The Rev. Kevin Clohessy is an alumnus of St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, Hannibal,
Mo.  The black and white yearbook photographs are the work of Bishop Anthony J.
O’Connell, who was the seminary rector for more than 20 years prior to his
promotion as bishop of Knoxville, Tenn., and, then, Palm Beach, Fla.  The color
portrait is Clohessy’s high school graduation picture.  Source:  The Anchor,
1974, 1975, 1976, 1977 (left to right).

I can recall the playground confrontations of competitive children at
St. Pius X Elementary School in Moberly, Mo.  I remember the rude
behavior of their brother, Brian, who tormented my younger brother
just because he could.  And I can still call to mind the day after school that my big sister, Patty, thrashed Brian as a result.

I also remember when I first was re-introduced to David Clohessy after a span of 20-plus years.  My spouse and I were living in Florida when I read a small notice in Newsweek about his case against the diocese of Jefferson City, Mo.  I pointed out that once knew this person, and, then laughed out loud, because I also understood the bankrupt character of his opposition (you learn a lot about the people you work with for a decade or more).

Praising a Pedophile:  O’Connell protégé
James Vann Johnston (left) at his 2008
consecration as bishop of Springfield-Cape
Girardeau exchanges the kiss of peace with
Raymond Cardinal Burke.  An interesting
note about this event is that Vann Johnston
acknowledged O’Connell publicly as a
martyr for the greater good of the church
This moment of recognition passed quickly, as would another 15 years, before our paths would cross again as I dealt with my moment of crisis.

But this childishness pales in comparison to the sorrow and suffering that men like you,
Bishop Gaydos, have inflicted
on the Clohessy family.

We have commented before
that the Rev. John J. Whiteley molested both David and Kevin. 
We also believe that Kevin was victimized by O’Connell as a
student at St. Thomas (clinical
studies tell us that it is a matter of course that his name would have been passed along to another predator, given Whiteley’s close association with O’Connell). 

In addition, I know some of Whiteley’s victims.  I have spoken with several of the Whiteley victims at length; and I have witnessed the damage that this pedophile priest inflicted on these children. 

You and your confederates care nothing about the chaos you’ve inflicted on these children or their families. Their tragedy is beyond consolation.

David Clohessy, on the other hand, found his voice and shared his story.  Together, with the founding members of SNAP, this deplorable drama has been dragged into the public square for all to see.  The willingness of SNAP to endure these hardships despite personal cost is honorable and good:

“The flowers have appeared in our land,
the time of pruning is come: 
the voice
of the turtle is heard in our land

                                       ― Song of Solomon, 2:12

The Kenrick Crusade:  Children as the Enemy
Instead, you traffick in strife and division, hiding behind the infamous 1997 Missouri Supreme Court decision, Gibson v. Brewer:  the justices ruled against Michael Gibson in a civil suit he filed by against the
Rev. Michael E. Brewer and the diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, citing the state’s oppressive statute of limitations on childhood sex crimes as an appropriate shield to protect pedophile priests (Brewer
is now an attorney and a member of the Colorado Bar Association, employed as the executive director of the Brett Family Foundation
in Boulder).


Justin Cardinal Rigali (right) consecrated Richard Stika (on floor) as bishop of
Knoxville.  Bishop James Vann Johnston of Springfield- Cape Girardeau also
participated in the event. Vann Johnston, who is the former Knoxville chancellor,
credits O’Connell for his promotion to the southern Missouri diocese. Stika owes
his allegiance to Rigali, his former St. Louis boss.  In particular, Stika likes to tout
his connection to Rigali, who was consecrated a bishop by John Paul II.  It seems
two degrees of separation from so-called sainthood is shield necessary to cover
a multitude of crimes against innocent children..

A quick scan of Mr. Donohue’s white paper report about the 2010 SNAP conference in Washington, D.C., reveals the mediocre nature of his so-called analysis.  In fact, SNAP Exposed:  Unmasking the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests is little more than an amateurish academia posing as serious sociology.  Mr. Donohue and the USCCB have had an open invitation and free access to SNAP for many years, but never bothered to reach out to victims or attend meetings or convocations, which are open to anyone who cares to inquire.

And so Mr. Donohue contends that targeting SNAP is justified because “SNAP is a menace to the Catholic Church,” according to the New York Times.  He also says that leading members of the USCCB had resolved to fight SNAP, a recognized self-help organization,

“The bishops have come together collectively,” according to the Times report.  “I can’t give you the names, but there’s a growing consensus on the part of the bishops that they had better toughen up and go out and buy some good lawyers to get tough. We don’t need altar boys [sic].”

Once it was the Saracen horde that attracted papal ire and sent Richard the Lion-Hearted and Berengaria off to rescue the Holy Land from Saladin.  Now, it is the children of the earth who are the enemy of the church.

Times have changed.

Cardinal Bad Touch: Bernard Cardinal Law seems to be the ringleader of a concerted
effort to destroy SNAP and anyone else daring
to support justice for those affected
by the clergy sexual abuse scandal. Good Touch, Bad-Touch ethics aside, this altar
boy appears to be safe enough as he receives Holy Communion from His Eminence.

The American bishops now represent a vacant culture that opts to
settle pedophile priest claims in order to escape judgment; and protect their program of malfeasance, which is designed to avoid conviction and imprisonment as criminal accomplices.  They have cobbled together a racketeering gamut in its purest form:  perjury, witness tampering, felony flight, money laundering, jury rigging, and the panoply of illegal actions as defined in Black’s Law Dictionary.

Despite Mr. Donohue’s mixed metaphor regarding altar boys, USCCB representatives deny all knowledge of a national strategy to target the victims of pedophile priests and other church employees who have preyed on children and vulnerable adults.  But we believe that we can identify the core group, a network that stretches from the Vatican to Missouri:  Dolan, Burke, Carlson, Finn, and you, Bishop Gaydos, comprise the St. Louis faction; Cardinal Law and Bishop James Vann Johnston (O’Connell’s protégé), the Springfield-Cape Girardeau clique; and we might as well include Stika and Justin Cardinal Rigali of Philadelphia. 

The fact remains in that the American hierarchy, in concert with the Vatican, is responsible for the cover-up of horrific sex crimes and abetting the predatory criminals you have allowed to roam freely (with no rules, no risks, no accountability).

Our skepticism regarding the truth in this matter is justified. 

Next Time:  Part III of the Next Generation Response Continues.

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