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A Case Study of Clergy Sexual Abuse

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Childproof 29: Part V — Cardinal Dolan and the New Generation Response to Sexual Molestation by Clergymen

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Dear Bishop Gaydos:

What’s Up: Msgr. Dennis Delaney (left) served
as his high school chum’s master of ceremonies
when Timothy Dolan was named archbishop of
New York. At the 14 April 2009 vespers service
preceding Dolan’s consecration at St. Patrick
Cathedral, the pair had a moment to take in
the architectural sights of the edifice.
Ten years ago this month,
on 8 March 2002, Anthony J.
O’Connell admitted publicly
that he is a child molester. 
The method that you and
others used to shield the
disgraced bishop of Palm
Beach and former rector
of St. Thomas
Seminary is another link
in the long-established
criminal conspiracy to
victimize the vulnerable.

The evidence glistens in the sunlight that you and your accomplices live
your lives between the lines of law and custom:  a display of empty cassocks
with no inner core of conviction.  For example, Timothy M. Cardinal Dolan,
as archbishop of Milwaukee, Wisc., paid thousands of dollars in “hush money”
to a serial predator priest — the Rev. Franklyn W. Becker — in exchange for
Becker’s cooperation with the laicization process. Dolan let Becker move
into an unsuspecting small community where he’s been getting
no treatment. 

Consequently, whether in St. Louis, Milwaukee, or New York, it is appropriate to note Benedict XVI’s reconfiguration of the College of Cardinals with Dolan as we complete our updated commentary, published originally 29 March 2009 at Come to the Stable/The Stephen Spalding Foundation.  And we would like to remind you that the first chairman of the Committee for the Protection of Children and Young People, a former prosecutor, offered this public evaluation of the American hierarchy:

To act like La Cosa Nostra and hide and suppress,
I think, is very unhealthy. Eventually it will all
come out. . . .  To resist grand jury subpoenas,
to suppress the names of offending clerics, to deny,
to obfuscate, to explain away; that is the model of
a criminal organization. . . .  I make no apology.

Gov. Frank Keating
  USCCB National Review Board

Bishops:  Paying Men and Boys for Sexual Favors Knows No Cost
As we have mentioned, the fact that Msgr. Eugene Costa of Springfield, Ill., was willing to pay for sexual favors is not the fundamental problem here.  Costa, in fact, may have survived the scandal if it were not for more damaging information in his personnel file, which the diocese has never disclosed and which is the true flaw of this situation.

After all, Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland of Milwaukee has acknowledged
that he paid a man $450,000 (est.) during the course of a long-term relationship.  Weakland claimed he never accessed archdiocesan funds for these cash transaction, citing his music royalties; but a forensic audit proved otherwise.  Weakland resigned in disgrace in 2001.

Members Only:  These Roman Catholic bishops in the United States
have been implicated in multiple molestation charges as a result
of pedophile priest scandal.  Their protectors have paid out
$22 million (est.) to settle individual claims of sexual molestation
brought against these men.  They are (top row, left to right):
Howard J. Hubbard, Albany, N.Y. , $2 million to the Debevoise
and Plimpton law firm to investigate privately and exonerate;
Thomas L. Dupre, Springfield, Mass., $4.5 million to 59 victims
and indicted on two counts, criminal charges dropped due to
the statute of limitations; Lawrence D. Soens, Sioux City, Iowa,
$9 million of  a $37 million by the diocese of Davenport; and
Robert N. Lynch, St. Petersburg, Fla., $100,000, sexual
harassment of male lay employee; (bottom row, left to right)
Robert H. Brom, San Diego, Calif., $100,000 , to a seminarian
as bishop of Duluth, Minn.; Anthony J. O’Connell, Knoxville,
Tenn., and Palm Beach, Fla., $500,000, to students as rector of
St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, diocese of Jefferson City, Mo.;
Rembert G. Weakland, Milwaukee, Wisc., $450,000, to an adult
male; and G. Patrick Ziemann, Santa Rosa, Calif., $535,000,
to adult male victim and embezzlement of $16 million.  Ziemann
is deceased:  his colleagues are still accredited members in good
standing by the USCCB.  Brom, Hubbard, and Lynch remain as
leaders of their respective dioceses.

Bishop Robert N. Lynch of St. Petersburg, Fla., and Bishop Robert H. Brom
of San Diego, Calif., each have paid out $100,000 to men in exchange for sex (Brom is a member of USCCB Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life, and Vocations).  Neither man has had the good grace to relinquish his office.

In addition, Bishop Howard J. Hubbard of Albany, N.Y., purchased his innocence by paying the New York law firm of Debevoise and Plimpton $2 million to explain away two allegations (the principle attorney investigating the case charges
$770 an hour).  In 2004, Bishop Thomas L. Dupre resigned as bishop of Springfield, Mass., as a result of his actions being disclosed to the public
(Dupre resigned in September 2004 after he was indicted by a Hamilton
County grand jury on two counts of child rape; Hamilton District Attorney
William Bennet did not prosecute the case because the statute of limitations
had expired and he allow Dupre to be hospitalized at St. Luke's Institute in
Silver Springs, Md., a private psychiatric facility operated by the church to
“treat” pedophile priests).

Three’s Company:  Timothy M. Cardinal Dolan (center) knows how to
keep a secret by evidence of his sharing the rectory at Our Lady of
Sorrows Church with two other clergy, who have been implicated in
the pedophile priest scandal.  The Rev. Gary P. Wolken (left) is
serving a 15-year sentence in the Missouri state penitentiary.  The
Rev. Michael A. Campbell has been forced into early retirement and
is living at Regina Cleri, a retirement home on the grounds of the old
Kenrick Seminary property in St. Louis.

G. Patrick Ziemann, the former bishop of Santa Rosa, Calif., embezzled
hundreds of thousands of dollars for trysts and left the diocese with a
$16 million deficit.  In addition, the diocese of Santa Rosa agreed to pay
$535,000 to the Rev. Jorge Hume Salas, who claimed that Ziemann forced
him into sexual slavery in exchange for covering up the priest's 1996 theft
of church funds from St. Mary of the Angels in Ukiah.  Ziemann resigned in
1999 only after Salas filed suit.  Ziemann died 22 October 2009.

The list is further extended to the following:

In 2010, Tod D. Brown,
retired as bishop of Orange
County, Ca., after settling 90
childhood sexual molestation
cases and paying $100 million
in restitution to the victims
of pedophile priests.
Tod D. Brown:  One allegation of child
involving the bishop of Orange,
Calif. (retired), was made public in 2007. 
According to the report, Brown molested
a 12-year-old boy in 1965.  Brown denied
the allegation
.  A church-appointed
commission exonerated Brown.  Launching
a public relations campaign, Brown issued
what he called his “Covenant with the Faithful,”
promising to support the victims of pedophile
priests.  Instead, he reverted to secrecy until
he was forced to settle 90 cases that tallied

$100 million in restitution.

Louis E. Gelineau:  In 1997, the bishop of Providence, R.I. (retired) was implicated in
the 1951 molestation and attempted murder
of young boy living at St. Joseph’s Orphanage,
Burlington, Vt.  According to the allegation, the boy fled Gelineau,
who was working as a religious brother at the orphanage, attempted
to drown the youngster.  The history St. Joseph's Orphanage is replete
with documented cases of physical and sexual abuse.  In a 1997 deposition, Gelineau stated that he remembered the boy at the orphanage as well as denying sexual contact with an altar boy in 1993.

Bishop Joseph H. Hart
Cheyenne, Wyo. (ret.)
Joseph H. Hart:  The bishop of Cheyenne, Wyo. (retired), denied in 2002 allegations that he sexually assaulted two junior high school boys
in the early 1970’s when he worked as a priest in Kansas City, Mo.  These allegations were reported to the Kansas City diocese in 1989
and 1992.  A third  allegation pertaining to Hart’s tenure as auxiliary bishop of Cheyenne (1976-1978) was deemed not credible by a church-appointed investigative committee.
In 2004, three civil suits were filed, alleging Hart molested three young boys.  One suit
noted that Hart used out-of-state trips with
one of the boys for purpose of multiple instances of sexual molestation, including bringing the boy back to Kansas City for
sexual purposes while he was bishop
of Cheyenne.

George E. Rueger:  The auxiliary bishop of Worcester, Mass. (retired),
was sued in 2002, alleging that he molested a teenage boy in the 1960's. 

The plaintiff dropped the suit in 2003 and a church-appointed commission found no proof.

Daniel L. Ryan:  In 1999, the bishop of Springfield, Ill. (retired), was implicated in a child molestation case involving at 15-year-old boy. 
The bishop also is alleged to have maintained an active sex life, engaging
in relations with other men.  Ryan’s successor is George J. Lucas, who
was rector of Kenrick Seminary in St. Louis, and now is archbishop of Omaha, Neb.

William S. Skylstad:  The bishop of Spokane, Wash. (retired), denies the 2005 allegation that he molested an 18-year-old multiple times between 1961 and 1964.  Skylstad, then president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops denied the allegations.

J. Kendrick Williams
Bishop of Lexington (ret.)
J. Kendrick Williams:  In 2002, the bishop of Lexington, Ky., resigned when the three civil suits were filed alleging sexual molestation when he worked as a priest in the archdiocese of Louisville, Ky., between 1965 and 1981.  A fourth allegation alleges similar crimes when Williams worked as an auxiliary bishop in Covington, Ky. (1984-1988).  Williams denies
all charges.

USCCB:  A Club for Gentlemen of the
Cloth or Just Ecclesiastical Pariahs

Sadly, the United States Conference of
Catholic Bishops still considers these men
as respectable gentlemen-of-the-cloth when, in fact, they are really pariah status prelates rather than role models for Roman Catholics to emulate.

Anyone making a quick perusal of the USCCB website will find some of the most notorious child molesters and sexual predators working for the Catholic Church today are included as Members in Good Standing.  Their names are prominently displayed: Anthony J. O’Connell, bishop of Palm Beach; J. Keith Symons former Bishop of Palm Beach; Lawrence D. Soens, former bishop of Sioux City, Iowa; Robert H. Brom, bishop of San Diego; Robert N. Lynch, bishop of St. Petersburg, Fla.; Thomas L. Dupre, former bishop of Springfield, Mass.; and Rembert G. Weakland, O.S.B., former archbishop of Milwaukee and Dolan’s immediate predecessor.  This list also comprises Tod Brown, Louis Gelineau, Joseph Hart, George Rueger, Daniel Ryan, William Skylstad, and J. Kendrick Williams.

And the fact remains that only death will remove a bishop from his lifetime membership in this club. G. Patrick Ziemann, who died in 2009, was followed by Robert F. Sanchez, archbishop of Santa Fe, N.M., who died 21 January 2012.

Dolan has paid thousands of dollars of “hush money” to a serial predator priest — the Rev. Franklyn Becker — in exchange for Becker’s cooperation with the laicization process. Dolan let Becker move quietly into an unsuspecting small community where he’s been getting no treatment.

Dolan and Robert J. Baker, bishop of
Birmingham, Ala., at the USCCB 2003
summer conference in St. Louis, Mo.
When Baker was bishop of Charleston,
S.C., he facilitated O’Connell’s luxurious
retirement at nearby plantation. Baker is
a Josephinum alumnus (Class of 1970) and
member of the board of trustees.  His
ongoing participation in the cover-up
of pedophile priests gets mention during
his frequent guest appearances on
EWTN-TV, the international satellite
service based in his diocese through
the auspices of Mother Angelica.
Law and Order: Next Generation Role
Models Protecting Pedophile Priests
To formally connect the links of this
culture of clerical corruption we
should circle back to Msgr. Costa
of Springfield, Ill.  His chief defender,
a Kenrick alum and one of my
classmates, is now the bishop of
Fort Worth, Texas:  Kevin Vann.
In 2004, Vann, a canon lawyer
and superintendent of priests
for Springfield, offered minimal
cooperation with the police. He
kept the judges and  courts at
bay to the benefit of Costa. 

Vann also managed to make
headlines during the 2004 election
by refusing to give Holy
to Catholic politicians who supported reproductive healthcare
Vann, in turn, reported to his handlers:  George J. Lucas, now archbishop of Omaha, Neb., and Daniel Ryan, who resigned in disgrace in 1999.

The American bishops know the standards of civility and decency. But rather
than reject the actions of their colleagues, they continue to hold them up as
role models and persevere in maintaining an image of innocence and highlights the boyhood friendships destroyed by an educational system that nurtures a corrupt sense of elitism glossed with theological fervor.

As a power player in local
church affairs and then as
vicar general of St. Louis,
John R. Gaydos, bishop
of Jefferson City, Mo.,
shepherded the early
careers of many St. Louis
seminarians and priests, like
Dolan, Delaney, Hanneke,
Freymuth, and Campbell.
Gaydos came to power as
Carberry's last private
secretary when he stepped
in at the untimely death of
the Rev. Clarence Deddens.
The Roman Catholic Hierarchy
In America: Cabal Or Conspiracy Theory
The close-knit nature of the Roman Catholic hierarchy is not difficult to fathom.  Like any cartel, the members know a great deal about
each other, especially within their respective
spheres of influence. Their club, the USCCB,
is small: about 450 active members. Dolan,
for example, has known O’Connell for many
years as a seminarian, priest, seminary rector
at the North American College, and bishop
three dioceses now. The closeness of this
fraternity is revealed in O’Connell’s 2000
e-mail to one of his victims who was travelling
to Rome with Dolan’s private telephone

numbers and Vatican contacts.

This tale is as complex as it is simple: many
facets to a single highly-polished gemstone. 
Is this a story of clubhouse gossip or a cabal?   Circumstance or certainty?  Is it a conspiracy
of confederates or random acts of loners?  Six

degrees of separation or a web of deceit?  
Guilt by association or shared history?

We think not.

Your New York predecessor, Edward M. Egan, has not moved beyond his own disgrace as bishop of Bridgeport, Conn., nor as archbishop of New York.  Smugly, in February, he abdicated his responsibility for the pedophile priest scandal,
lied about his involvement in the cover-up, and retracted his personal apology
to those victimized.

“I never had on these sex abuse cases, either in Bridgeport or . . . (New York),”
he told Connecticut Magazine in an 8 February 2012 interview.  He, then, continued by retracting his apology to victims of pedophile priests that he employed:  “I never should have said that.  I don't think we did anything wrong.”
To be sure, the facts are somewhere between supposition and hardcore truth
with a scattered pattern of dots that can be connected to form a picture of events in full detail.   We do know that these youthful friendships remain intact today despite acknowledged criminal acts or sincere efforts to conceal the facts:

    “Vanity is a mortgage that must be deducted from the value of a man.”
                                                                                     ― Otto Von Bismarck

Archbishop Tim Dolan: Who Will Be His Roy Cohn?
French-cuffed Cleric:
Timothy M. Dolan, the next
Cardinal Bubbles Spellman?
Tim Dolan, though, certainly is at the cusp of his personal history: a later-day Fulton Sheen with his Eternal Word Television Network fan base. And, yet, he closely personifies Suzanne Stone, Nicole Kidman’s maniacal character in the Gus Van Sant film To Die For:   You aren’t really anybody in America if you’re not on TV.”

As a result, his attitude toward the abuse of children remains vague and venal — as weak a dishwater — and with the mark of Cain on his character.

Indeed, Timothy M. Cardinal Dolan may become
the next Francis Cardinal Spellman with a career
as boldly outlined as John Cooney detailed in his 1984 epic: The American Pope: The Life and Times of Francis Cardinal Spellman.   I wonder who his Roy Cohn
will be since even a priest must do things to prevent harm to society.

Note: To learn more about the relationship of Cardinal Spellman and
Roy Cohn, read Citizen Cohn: The Life and Times of Roy Cohn, by
Nicholas Von Hoffman.

Next Time:  Jefferson City and Clergy Assignment Histories.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Childproof 28: Part IV — Cadinal Dolan and the Next Generation Response to Sexual Molestation by Clergymen


Page 28

Dear Bishop Gaydos:

Anthony J. O’Connell admitted publicly on 8 March 2002 that he
is a child molester and resigned as bishop of Palm Beach, Fla.  You
shielded O’Connell — joining the criminal conspiracy established
by your predecessor, Michael F. McAuliffe — to continue the victimization of those who suffered throughout his career at
St. Thomas Aquinas Preparatory Seminary.

The evidence is damning: you and your accomplices have lived
your lives between the lines of law and custom, empty cassocks
with no inner core of conviction.

Sheep’s Clothing:  Timothy Cardinal Dolan (right) with
Sean Cardinal Brady, primate of Ireland.  One of the
amazing aspects of the worldwide pedophile priest
scandal is that Benedict XVI appointed Dolan to
investigate the Irish church; and then denounced the
Irish government’s report as anti-church. The scope of
the criminality is numbing.

It is appropriate, therefore, to review the record of the American bishops on this matter and comment on Pope Benedict XVI’s reconfiguration of the College of Cardinals, especially the promotion of Timothy M. Cardinal Dolan, whose career you nurtured as vocation director and chancellor with the Archdiocese of St. Louis (along with those outlined below):

“In the absence of someone to call roll
and in the preservation of agonizing
shame, each survivor exists as an alien
in hiding among an army of peers. If
we could find the courage to face our
superstitions head on, we would see
that the apparitions veiled in the fog
aren't really monsters at all. They are
our children. They are us.”
Sexual Abuse in the Lives of Women 
Edited by Maxine Harris and Christine L. Landis


Rev. Michael Alan Campbell:
St. Louis confessor,
confidant, and
along with another
predator, the Rev. Gary P.

Wolken, who now is
in a Missouri

Rev. Michael Alan Campbell:  Pathological
Narcissist; Dolans Personal Confessor
American bishops and priests are ingrained
with a deep-seeded belief in privilege
and exclusivity regarding their social status
and the law. This narcissism is inculcated
and nourished throughout their so-called
priestly formation: t
he vital enzyme in
church management.

Dolan has recast this concept of clerical
ascendancy in titanium.  His St. Louis
schoolmate, crony, and personal confessor,
the Rev. Michael Alan Campbell, is the
new colophon of the bishops’
protection program. 

Campbell, was identified as a sexual predator in 2002.  As is typical in
these cases, he admitted to one count of molestation:  a teenage boy,
whom, he claimed, had just celebrated his 18th birthday (a boilerplate
to minimize the severity of the crime).

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Dolan defended his friend to the parishioners at our Lady of Sorrows Church on Sunday, 3 March 2002, noting that Campbell was an honest and forthright priest who “owned up to” the “inappropriateness” of sexual assault.

I met Campbell in August 1971 at Cardinal Glennon College just a few months after I graduated from high school at St. Thomas Aquinas Preparatory Seminary in Hannibal, Mo. (the future bishop, Anthony J. O’Connell, was rector at the time).  Campbell,  my new best friend and classmate, introduced me to Tim Dolan. Dolan was completing his undergraduate career at Glennon and preparing to transfer to the Pontifical North American College in Rome where he would complete his theological studies.

Child Predator:  The Archdiocese of St. Louis has received three reports that the
Rev. Michael Anthony Freymuth had molested at least three youngsters dating back
to the 1980’s before taking action in 2005.  His victims are elementary school boys.

Freymuth’s protectors include Raymond L. Cardinal Burke, Msgr. Richard Hanneke,
and Msgr. Richard Stika (O’Connell’s successor as bishop of  Knoxville, Tenn.).
Father Freymuth also is a classmate of the Rev. Michael A. Campbell and, perhaps,
his most intimate friend after Cardinal Dolan (left to right: 1977, c. 1995, 2009,
2011).  Source:  Michael Wegs, Image 1977.

Dolan and Campbell have remained good friends since their salad days
as high school students at
St. Louis Preparatory Seminary South in
Shrewsbury, Mo. (known as Prep South).  I was adopted by Campbell
and some of his Prep South friends as the country bumpkin to be groomed
by his sophisticated city cousins: New Yorkers (Upper East Side) on the Mississippi, they liked to boast.
Campbell also established a close and confidential relationship with another student during our freshman year:  Michael Anthony Freymuth. Like me, Freymuth — a graduate of St. Dominic High School in O’Fallon, Mo.; and the son of a Dardenne landowner, who farmed near the juncture of I-70 and I-64, just west of St. Louis — also was adopted by the Prep South establishment as a country mouse.

Kenrick Seminary:  Cardinal Dolan (right) was ordained in 1976,
a year before Yours Truly enrolled at Kenrick Seminary
theology and history for the Diocese of Jefferson City, Mo. 
Kenrick Seminary Student Identification Card.

Freymuth was first exposed as a child predator in 2002.  Two additional allegations followed: the second reported in 2004 (a 12-year-old boy was molested) and the third in 2005.  Freymuth was dismissed in 2005 as chaplain a Cardinal Ritter High School and part-time associate pastor of St. Elizabeth, Mother of John the Baptist Church (2000-2005).

Freymuth then was transferred to Sacred Heart Mercy Health Care  Center, Alma, Mich., effective 3 January 2005.  In early 2009, Freymuth was discovered living at Visitation-St. Ann Catholic Church since 2006 while working at St. Cronan’s Church and filling in at other St. Louis parishes.  He was removed from active ministry in July 2009.

Curiously, the former pastor of St. Cronan’s, the Rev. Joseph D. Ross, was implicated in the sexual molestation of an 11-year-old boy in the 1980’s.  Ross was exposed in 2002 along with Campbell.  And all the while Dolan defended Campbell at Our Lady of Sorrows on that first Sunday in March 2003, Msgr. Dennis M. Delaney was working in tandem, attempting to assuage the parishioners at St. Cronan’s that very same day.  

Freymuth and Campbell have maintained their friendship for more than 40 years.  They have travelled the globe together to view Masada and Petra in the Middle East, rejoice in the splendor of the Vatican, and sample the luxuries of New York.

Cardinal Glennon College, August 1971:  Cardinal Dolan (left) started
his senior year 
at Cardinal Glennon College, St. Louis, Mo., anticipating
his appointment to the Pontifical North American College, Rome.  Yours
Truly enrolled as a freshman and newly minted graduate of St. Thomas
Aquinas Preparatory Seminary, Hannibal, Mo., studying philosophy for
the Diocese of Jefferson City, Mo

Bon Voyage to Rome
In Spring 1972, John Joseph Cardinal Carberry, the archbishop of
St. Louis
(1968-1979) announced that Tim Dolan would pursue
graduate studies at the North American College.  Carberry
(31 July 1904- 17 June 1998)  was a canon lawyer.  Tim Dolan
is one of the last of his fair-haired boys  to 
achieve significant
academic status
as well as career advancement.

I attended a bon voyage party for Tim Dolan on 21 August 1972 to
mark his departure to Italy.  The primary host for the party, Denny
Delaney, is now Msgr. Delaney
.  Delaney’s second that evening is
now Msgr. Richard E. Hanneke. 

Dolan Bon Voyage Party Invitation, dated 21 August 1972. Two of
the hosts are now powerful administrators in the Archdiocese of
St. Louis: Msgr. Richard E. Hanneke, director of priest personnel,
and Msgr. Dennis M. Delaney, director of the archdiocesan
cemeteries and the Rev. Michael A. Campbell's direct report.

My invitation to this event was due to my friendship with Campbell (known to many as “Otis,” a reference to a character on The Andy Griffith Show; and “Connie” to a select few who were familiar with the “Connie Casserole” dialogue in the 1970’s film The Boys in the Band). The fact that I was studying for the Diocese of Jefferson City served as a wisp of an entrée to this inner-circle of fustian fellows concentrating solely on future success and rewards.
This party also honored another Kenrick student named Eugene Costa, who later was promoted to monsignor and became chancellor of the Diocese of Springfield, Ill.  Gene Costa’s story will follow.

Tripping Down the Aisle:  Msgr. Dennis Delaney enjoyed center stage at events to
mark Timothy Dolan’s promotion as archbishop of Milwaukee to archbishop of
New York.  For example, at the 14 April 2009 vespers service preceding Dolan’s
consecration at St. Patrick Cathedral, Delaney tripped while escorting his best bud
up the front steps and down the aisle.  Delaney continued his role as master of
ceremonies standing close by Dolan and his ecclesiastical throne.

Today, Msgr. Hanneke is director of priest personnel for the archdiocese.  Msgr. Delaney is the director of the Catholic Cemeteries for the Archdiocese of St. Louis; and he is Campbell’s direct report at Calvary Cemetery.  Delaney also is a former Kenrick rector.

As powerful administrators in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Delaney and Hanneke also worked in concert with Dolan so that Campbell has been allowed to live in semi-retirement at the Regina Cleri center for priests in Shrewsberry, Mo. (the old Kenrick Seminary property).

John J. Cardinal Carberry of
St. Louis encouraged the
tradition of ruthless careerism
and lavish
often unseen
lifestyles for bishops and priests
working in Middle West of
America.  One of his protégés

Glennon P. Flavin, who became
bishop of Lincoln, Neb.,

enjoyed boasting to his priests
that he controlled a $5 million
slush fund spread throughout
the Nebraska state banking
system: cash accounts
earmarked for his personal
use . . . and no one else
French Cuffs:  Cardinal Carberry’s
Strategy for Clergy Success
Six years after Denny Delaney’s and
Rich Hanneke’s party for Dolan and
I enrolled in an immersion
course at
Kenrick to study group
dynamics, i.e. parish management,
negotiation technique, and people
management skills.

One aspect of the class was a tour of
the cathedral in St. Louis with Cardinal
Carberry.  He advised us to choose a
strong patron saint if we hoped to be
successful priests.  His choice was
Charles Borromeo: the leader of the
Counter-Reformation and nephew of
the Medici pope, Pius IV.  He joked
that Borromeo may have been a good
and holy man, but that was not how
he became a cardinal.

As my friendship with Mike Campbell
matured during my time at Kenrick, I
came to know another student named
Frank.  Frank was famous because he
turned down Carberry’s offer to study at the North American College.
He was shy and unassuming.  He preferred the life of a simple parish
priest and was derided for his choice.  But he refused to cast himself
in the image of Borromeo . . . and Carberry.

Carberry Chic may be illustrated best by this example of the clergyman’s
consumer ethic: This
burgundy 1964 Bentley Flying Spur was sold at a classic
car auction in 1988 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Florida.  The
advertised title history for the “deluxe saloon” indicated only two previous
owners: from John J. Cardinal Carberry, the original owner, to George
Hamilton. Estimated value: $185,000. 
Source: Michael Wegs, 1988.

Unlike the careerists, or Vaticanisti, Frank had no penchant for French-cuffed shirts, fine wines, tailored suits, Prada shoes, and expensive
cars.  He did not lust after the luxury clerical goods from the Rome haberdasher, Gammarelli (for more insight about this class of clergyman, visit the New Liturgical Movement and note the dinner service, champagne, crystal and room décor).  He did not share their motto:
“The people would want Father to have this.” (a loose translation of
the Crusades motto: Deus Vult — God wills it.).

And unlike Campbell, Frank kept his ego in check and tempered his
pride with humility.

Rev. Michael Anthony Freymuth
at Kenrick Seminary in 1979.
Freymuth was not removed
until 16 January 2009 when
a third allegation was made
public.  Freymuth was
sheltered by Dolan, Delaney,
and Hanneke just as they
protected their mutual friend,
Campbell.  Today Campbell
resides at Kenrick Seminary,
now known as Regina Cleri,
a retirement center for clergy.
Freymuth’s whereabouts are
unknown.  Source:  Michael
Wegs, 1979.
Rev. Michael Alan Campbell:
Mover and Shaker
At Glennon, Campbell demonstrated
his skills
by organizing weekend Gauds 
(Latin for Gaudeamus: Let us rejoice!): 
drunken orgies complete with kegs
pizza, supplied to under-age students

by the Vincentians and the archdiocese
of St. Louis.

Campbell’s expertise as a bon vivant
led to the chairmanship of the annual
Glennon fall festival (stepping into
Dolan’s shoes):  a massive weekend
fundraiser that included a full-length
musical revue, gaming, and carnival.
His undergraduate success as a
fundraiser pleased his parents (his
father worked for McDonnell-Douglas
Corp. and lived in Webster Groves
with his wife, son,
and daughter). 
His administrative skill
notice at the chancery.

At Kenrick, Campbell became president of the student council and a member of the faculty council.  He kept me close to his power base, because he appreciated my communications  know-how, which I acquired at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism (Class of 1975).  He was instrumental in my appointment as communications officer at Kenrick. In return, I generated press releases, produced alumni and fund raising collateral and supervised seminary publications such as the academic catalogue.

Bishop Anthony J. O’Connell’s e-mail message to one of his victims with
Dolan’s personal contact information at the North American College
in Rome.

Archbishop Dolan Chooses Predator for Confessor and Roommate
When Dolan was promoted to auxiliary bishop of St. Louis by then-Archbishop Burke, he and Campbell moved into the rectory at Our Lady of Sorrows.  The closeness of their relationship is characterized by the fact that Campbell served as Dolan’s personal confessor.  I assume Dolan returned the favor in order to absolve each other of their sins.

When Campbell was exposed as a sexual predator in 2002, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch noted that Dolan minimized the crime and cover-up, saying he “trusts Campbell so much that he . . . will continue to go to him for confession.” 

The Rev. Gary P. Wolken of St. Louis was convicted by a jury on two counts of
statutory sodomy and six counts of child molestation involving a 7-year-old boy
(1997-2000).  Wolken
was denied parole in 2006, despite a campaign by Dolan
to free his friend and colleague. 
Wolken’s status as a convict was reconsidered
in 2010 and the Missouri Department of
Corrections again denied Dolans request
for leniency and early release.

With Dolan’s support, this sense of entitlement led Campbell to participate in Holy Thursday and Good Friday services at St. Roch’s Church.  Dolan’s and Campbell’s plan for Easter Tridium was cut short when the congregation revolted in horror at the idea of child molestation tainting the celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Dolan Harbors Two Predators in His St. Louis Rectory
The unique factor about the rectory relationship of Timothy Dolan
and Michael Campbell is that a third priest was involved to create a triumvirate of misfortune, misinformation, and misadventure at Our Lady of Sorrows rectory. Dolan shared the rectory with a 36-year-old priest named Gary P. Wolken, a child molester who was arrested at about the same time that Campbell was publicly identified as a sexual predator.

The prison record of the Rev. Gary P. Wolken of St. Louis Convict
1089057 is posted on http://www.doc/mo/gov.  Wolken is serving
a 15-year prison sentence at the Missouri South Central Correctional
Center in Licking, Mo.

Gary Wolken is classmate of Bryan Kuchar, whom Dolan also defended vigorously: an amazing fact.  A St. Louis circuit court judge sentenced Wolken to a 15-year prison term at the Missouri South Central Correctional Center in Licking for two counts of statutory sodomy
and six counts of child molestation involving a 7-year-old boy (1997-2000).  Wolken was denied parole in 2006.   His status as a convict was reconsidered in 2010:  parole was denied. 

What is disturbing is that Dolan lobbied the sentencing judge and parole board to release Wolken from prison three years into serving his sentence.  Dolan continues to lobby for Wolken’s early release at each stage of the serial predator’s incarceration..

An aerial shot of the Missouri South Central Correctional Center in
Mo., where pedophile priest Gary P. Wolken of St. Louis —
Convict 1089057 — is serving  a 15-year prison sentence for two counts
of statutory sodomy and six
counts of child molestation.

Wolken previously admitted that he had committed similar offenses
when he was aged 15 involving a 5-year-old boy, according to the
attorney for the second victim, Robert F. Ritter.  Wolken would not
have been ordained had the first crime — although 25 years old — been known to church authorities. 
It has been suggested that the archdiocese eventually learned of the crime and Dolan became Wolken’s jailer at Our Lady of Sorrows.

The most interesting aspect about the Dolan-Campbell-Wolken triangle (as with Freymuth and Kuchar) is that a bishop chooses who will share his house. Given the layers of support by senior St. Louis administrators, I suspect most likely was a Dolan protégé; just that Wolken as Campbell was Dolan’s confessor.

Accomplices: Tim Dolan (left) with boyhood chum Msgr. Dennis M.
Delaney protected Campbell and Freymuth. Delaney is Campbell's
boss at Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis. Note their shared passion
for French-cuffed shirts.

Poster Boys and Pedophile Priests:  Msgr. Hanneke and Msgr. Delaney
Predators like Campbell, Kuchar, and Wolken often refer to their victims as Chalice Chippers.  They blame their victims as tempters. They joke that women like priests because they have clean pricks (at least that was their opinion of the co-eds at Fontbonne College, a St. Louis Catholic women’s school known locally as “Bon-Bon”).

Msgr. Richard E. Hanneke,
director of priest
personnel for the
St. Louis archdiocese,
is one of Dolan’s
accomplices in the
Missouri church scandal
As a close friend of the
new Cardinal, Hanneke
helped protect Michael
Campbell, Michael
Freymuth and other
ordained Kenrick alumni.
Campbell has always maintained his
innocence, claiming the sexual assault
is unique to his life experience: i.e. it
only happened once. Campbell also
attempts to lessen the gravity of the
charge by claiming the victim was not
a minor, a fact that is simply not true.

Today Campbell is still a priest (inactive
status) and employed by the archdiocese.
He sells plots and funeral plans at Calvary
Cemetery. His current protector is another
old friend and mentor Msgr. Dennis M.
Delaney and one of the hosts for Dolan’s
1972 bon voyage celebration.

George J. Lucas:  As
bishop of Springfield, Ill.,
numerous ordained
sexual predators, many
alumni of Kenrick
where he served as
rector throughout the
1990’s.  In addition, to
the Rev. Eugene Costa,
Lucas protected the
Rev. Frank Westhoff,
who was transferred to
the diocese of Jefferson
City, Mo., where he
worked for 17 years,
and then allowed to
retire to Springfield
with full clergy and
pension benefits.  In
August 2009, Lucas
was named archbishop
of Omaha, Neb.: a
promotion for his
silence and duty.
In January 2009, Msgr. Hanneke confirmed
that  Michael A. Freymuth was removed
from active ministry when three allegations
of molestation were documented following
three-year investigation.  As with Campbell,
Hanneke and Delaney have protected

Freymuth.  But Freymuth also has a third
champion:  Msgr. Richard Stika,
now bishop
of Knoxville, who was director of child and
youth protection as well as chancellor prior
to his promotion to Anthony J. O’Connell’s
haunt in Tennessee.

Campbell and Freymuth still maintain their friendship in addition to their personal relationships with powerful colleagues, who
are more than willing to protect them from
civil authorities.  As a result, both
Campbell and Freymuth are still priests.
Neither has been defrocked.  Dolan is part
of their circle of influence.

Law and Order: Dolan’s Cronies Sacrifice
Victims to Save Pedophile Friends
This brings us to Eugene Costa.

Costa’s career did not arc like his Midwestern
companion’s after their North American
College years. Costa was promoted and
recognized as a priest with expectations,
becoming a monsignor and the chancellor
of the Springfield, Ill., diocese, while
watching Dolan soar upward perch
upon perch.

Bishop Kevin W. Vann
of Fort Worth, Texas,
protected Msgr. Eugene
Costa from the civil
authorities as priest
personnel director of
Springfield, Ill.  He also
shielded the Rev. Frank
Westhoff.  Vann is a
Kenrick alumnus, as
is Costa, and their
Springfield boss,
George J. Lucas. 
Lucas also is one
of Dolan's Prep
South high school
seminary buddies.
Springfield, traditionally, is an extension of
the archdiocese of
St. Louis rather than
Chicago.  Kenrick’s sphere of influence
extends from Springfield in the east to
Lincoln, Neb., in the west with outposts
in Fort Worth, Texas (Bishop Vann) and
Colorado Springs, Colo. (Bishop Sheridan);
Minnesota to the north and a stretch

in the south from Tennessee to Oklahoma.

Kenrick Network: Archbishop Lucas Flaunts
Child Safety Laws to Protect Predators
George J. Lucas was the rector of Kenrick
Seminary (1995-1999) when he was appointed
bishop of bishop of Springfield, Ill.  Like Costa.
most of Lucas’ predecessors graduated from

Kenrick. Lucas, in fact, was a year ahead of
Dolan at Prep South: Dolan, Class of 1968;
Lucas, Class of 1967.  Dolan’s friend Delaney
succeeded Lucas in 1999 as rector of Kenrick

when Lucas was named bishop of Springfield.

Thomas J. Olmsted
succeeded Blasé
Cupich as rector of
the Pontifical College
Josephinum (1997-1999),
Columbus, Ohio, after
three years as dean of
personal formation
(1993-1997).  He, then,
was promoted as bishop
of Wichita, Kan., and,
now, is bishop of Phoenix,
Ariz., where he spends
a good deal of time
substituting as a
political operative.
In August 2009, Lucas he received another
promotion as archbishop of Omaha, Neb.
In a surprise, Lucas was succeeded by
an outsider:  John J. Paprocki, a Chicago
auxiliary bishop with a J.D. from DePaul
University; an undergraduate degree
from St. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein;

canon law degrees from the Gregorian.

Paprocki currently is finishing an M.B.A.
from Notre Dame.  As we have learned
from the child molestation at Pennsylvania
State University, Paprocki's academic

success is no guarantee that he will protect

children from pedophile priests.  Success
did not lead Joe Paterno to act in the best interest of the Penn State victims.

In 2004, Lucas removed Costa from his
post as chancellor, but not until the diocese
a story that he was mugged while
taking an evening stroll.

This version of his daily constitutional
faltered when the police questioned a
group of teenage boys who said they thrashed Costa after he offered each of them $50 to participate in a sexual act. Springfield’s Douglas Park is a
notorious cruising area for men trolling for sex with other men.

Bishop Vann’s actions are troubling in light of the sex scandals that occurred at Kenrick during his days as a student there. One would expect better behavior after witnessing the pain and suffering members of his Springfield class experienced.

“What makes some people able to come
through catastrophies and others, apparently,
just as able and strong, go under?  It happens
in every upheaval.  Some people survive; others
dont.  What qualities are in those who fight
their way through triumphantly that are lacking
in those who go under . . . . ?  I only know that
survivors . . . call that quality gumption.’
                                              ― Margaret Mitchell

Next Time:  The Next Generation Response Continues.