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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Childproof 36: Conclave or Coven — Pedophile Culture of U.S. Cardinals Prompts Disdain and Ridicule in Rome

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Dear Bishop Gaydos:
Tamping down scandal requires the deftness of a Machiavellian politician.  The Roman Catholic hierarchy demands similar talent, someone who can pirouette and plié in a dance against time — rather than charge blindly across an athletic field or engage in brute war games — and take advantage of a diplomatic resources to spirit away evidence, silence a witness, or shield a perpetrator as the agent of a foreign government:  in this case, Vatican City State.
In Childproof 35 we offered a sketch of three men at the apex of their political acumen.  Each emerged from the Midwest — the Archdiocese of St. Louis — to the highest rank of their denomination’s career ladder:  Justin Cardinal Rigali, Raymond Cardinal Burke, and Timothy Cardinal Dolan.

Unholy Alliance:  More than half of the American Cardinals voting for the next
pontiff have been implicated in the clergy abuse scandal.  In fact, their actions
in these crimes against children is so damning that these men no longer are
credible exponents of the religious.  Their bitter comments about victims
remain a testament to their inability of escape the pedophile culture that
imbues the Roman Catholic hierarchy of the United States.  The current key
players in this unparalleled scandal are the West Coast Operatives (top row,
left to right): Roger Michael Cardinal Mahoney, Los Angeles, Calif.; Francis
Eugene Cardinal George, Chicago, Ill.; William Joseph Cardinal Levada,
archbishop emeritus, San Francisco, Calif.; and the so-called St. Louis, Mo.,
contingent (bottom, left to right) Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, New York,
N.Y.; Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Prefect-Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic
Signatura (chief justice, Vatican Supreme Court); and Justin Francis Cardinal
Rigali, archbishop emeritus, Philadelphia, Pa.
In Childproof 36, we will highlight three of their Bosom Buddies, powerful entities in slow decline:  Roger Cardinal Mahony, archbishop emeritus of Los Angeles, Calif. (1985-2011); William Cardinal Levada, archbishop of San Francisco, Calif. (1995-2005), and Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (2005-2012), the former post held by Benedict XVI; and Francis Cardinal George, archbishop of Chicago, Ill., since 1997.  Prior to San Francisco, Levada was archbishop of Portland, Oregon (1986-1995), a position he relinquished to George, who was promoted to Chicago after 12 months (1996-1997) in office.
Mahony, 77, Levada, 76, and George, 76, are peerless in the role of Church leader with the exception of Bernard Cardinal Law.  The list of their misdeeds and failures is excessive, data that floods the Internet.
An Ecclesiastical Marquis de Sade
In addition, their careers are attached to a paper trail that damns their management prowess and exposes their spirituality as a perpetrated fraud.  The actions of this trio of misfits rival their three St. Louis colleagues when considered in toto.  And, now, each will cast a ballot for the successor of Benedict XVI.
Consequently, we would like to note that the relationship of Mahony and Levada is nearly 50 years old.  The two men have been friends since their college days at St. John Seminary in Camarillo, Calif. (Camarillo)
Pious Pals (left to right):  In the 1960s, Roger Cardinal Mahony, archbishop emeritus
of Los Angeles; George Patrick Ziemann (1941-2009), a former bishop of Santa Rosa,
Calif.; and
William Cardinal Levada, archbishop emeritus of San Francisco formed
a clique at St. John Seminary, Camarillo, Calif., a fellowship that kindled one of the
most depraved chapters in the child molestation history of the Roman Catholic
Church in the United States.  Ziemann
s tenure as bishop of Santa is remiscent of
the Marquis de Sade.

Mahony and Levada are a part of a seminary clique that includes Mahony’s best friend from childhood:  George Patrick Ziemann (1941-2009).  A fourth member of this group is a pedophile priest who was an underclassman at Camarillo:  the Rev. George Innes (his relationship with Levada in San Francisco follows).
As with the relationship of Bernard Cardinal Law with Bishop Anthony J. O’Connell, Mahony promoted his friends throughout his rise to power.  When Mahony was appointed to Los Angeles in 1985, Ziemann was named bishop of Santa Rosa, Calif., in 1986.  Likewise, Mahony chose the future Cardinal Levada to be his chancellor and, then, offered him Portland and San Francisco in succession.  We can assume safely Cardinal George joined the group at a later date, which prompted his stellar rise to Portland and on to Chicago.
We now know that this California triumvirate offered Ziemann the security and protection to satisfy his voracious appetite as a child molester and serial predator.  In addition, they allowed him to feel unencumbered as he impoverished Santa Rosa by squandering $16 million and forcing the diocese to settle one abuse case for $535,000.
Ziemann, who is the Marquis de Sade of the American hierarchy, is not the only bullet point that highlights the ecclesiastical careers of Mahony, Levada, and George.
Mahony:  Bitter Queen of the Damned
Cardinal Levada worked his
San Francisco predecessor,
Archbishop John R. Quinn, to
protect the convicted pedophile
priest the Rev. Oliver O’Grady.
Cardinal Mahony, today, has been
reduced to caricature. Even as he
sits in Rome voting for a successor
to Benedict XVI, the Archdiocese
of Los Angele announced today
that it has agreed to settle three
more child molestation lawsuits
for $9.9 million.

But we cannot forget the he began his career as a mountebank when he was appointed bishop of Stockton, Calif. (1980-1985).

Emulating Cardinal Law’s relationship with the Rev. John Geoghan and the
Rev. James Porter, Mahony transferred
the Rev. Oliver O’Grady repeatedly until the civil authorities had enough enough evidence to terminate this child predator’s spree.  O’Grady is known to have molested dozens of California children since as early as 1973.  His crimes and Mahony’s role in shielding the pedophile priest are the subject of 2006 film, Deliver Us from Evil (nominated for an Academy Award in 2006).

O’Grady was convicted in 1993 and sentenced to 14 years in Mule Creek State Prison as a the result of the testimoney of two brothers, John and James Howard.  O’Grady repeatedly molested the two boys from the age of 13 between 1978 and 1991.

O’Grady was paroled in 2000 after seven years of incarceration.  He was deported to Ireland in 2001.

Pious Payoff:  William Cardinal Levada (left), archbishop emeritus of San Francisco,
Roger Cardinal Mahony (right), archbishop emeritus of Los Angeles, worked in
tandem to shield
the Rev. Oliver O’Grady (center) from the police.  O’Grady is
known to have molested at least 25 children during Mahony’s tenure as bishop of
Stockton, Calif., and Levada’s term in San Francisco.  Mahony arranged a pension
for O’Grady in the form an annuity, which will pay O’Grady $94,560 over a 10-year-
period.  O’Grady redeemed the policy in 2010; and receives
$788 a month until
his 75th birthday.

In 2005, O’Grady testified in a taped deposition that he molested at least 25 children in California, an admission he claims to have shared personally with Mahony. He was arrested in 2010 in Ireland on child pornography charges. In 2012 the Irish courts sentenced O’Grady to three years in prison for the possession of child pornography.

Mahony was obliged to pay nearly $21 million to O’Grady’s victims.  Mahony also gave O’Gardy an annuity valued at nearly $100,000, which the pedophile priest can cash out at the age of 65. 
But this incident did not hinder Mahony’s advancement move to Los Angeles. 
Mahony’s Disgrace:  Crystalline, Pure, Final
In February, Mahony was publicly censured by his successor, Archbishop José Gomez.  Gomez also fired Los Angeles auxiliary Bishop Thomas Curry, who was Mahony’s vicar for clergy and the primary henchman in dealing with survivors and predators.  Gomez also removed Curry as the regional bishop for Santa Barbara, Calif.
A sample of the testimony released as part of the settlement of clergy sexual abuse
cases with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Calif.

Documents released as part of a record $660 million settlement in 2007 affecting more than 508 child victims of abuse, are the strongest evidence to date to underscore how far top officials will go to purposely conceal abuse from law enforcement.  Mahony fought for years to keep the documents secret, and until this week it argued that the names of all predatory priests should be kept private.

By the way, Mahony raided the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund to cover these settlement costs. The Cardinal took $115 million ostensibly to protect the California Church’s physical assets such as school building and other real estate.

The principal of perpetual care funds is a protected asset, according to the California legal code. State law also bars cemeteries from using the interest on those funds for anything other than maintenance. These laws do not apply to cemeteries run by religious organizations.
The Los Angeles Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund was established in 1897.  The archdiocese claims it will restore the account fully by 2200.  Its legal bills continue to grow.
We would be remise if we did not restate that Cardinal Dolan is now in Federal bankruptcy court to justice the transfer of $57 million to such a fund during his tenure as the archbishop of Chicago to avoid settling with abuse victims.  Milwaukee attorney fees currently are estimated at $25.6 million.
Mahony’s Public Rebuke
In a public statement Gomez remarked:  “The behavior described in these files is terribly sad and evil,” he said. “There is no excuse, no explaining away what happened to these children. The priests involved had the duty to be their spiritual fathers, and they failed. We need to acknowledge that terrible failure today.”
Class of 1962 (left to right):  Bishop Tod Brown, bishop emeritus of Orange County,
Calif.; George Niederauer, archbishop emeritus of San Francisco; Roger Cardinal
Mahony, archbishop emeritus of Los Angeles, Calif.; and William Cardinal Levada,
archbishop emeritus of San Francisco and Niederauer’s immediate predecessor.

The quartet enrolled 50 years ago at St. John Seminary, Camarillo, only to emerge
as accomplices in the child molestation scandal of the Roman Catholic Church. This
snapshot records their 1996 trip to Fish Camp, Calif., where the four friends meet
each summer to unwind.  Although each of the Camarillo alumni retired in the
last 18 months, they continue to meet regularly: once a year at Mahony’s hideway
cabin just outside Yosemite National Park; and again on the day after Christmas,
according to a Niederauer gave to the press in January of this year.  Niederauer
and Levada now share a condo in Long Beach.  Niederauer also has a house on
the campus of St. Patrick’s Seminary, Menlo Park, where Levada will be a frequent
visitor.  In 1997, Tod Brown was accused of molesting a 12-year-old boy when
the bishop was working in Bakersfield.  The diocese exonerated Brown, but in
2001 he was forced to settle one pedophile priest case for $5.2 million; and in
2005 Brown agreed to settle another 87 cases for $100 million, some of which
date back to 1936.
The public censure of Mahony, whose quarter-century at the helm of America’s largest archdiocese made him one of the most powerful men in the Catholic Church, is unparalleled.  Nonetheless, the punishment is minimal:  he no longer can administer the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Other than that, Mahony is living the life of a retired priest, celebrate the Mass in private, and remain a “priest in good standing.”
Cardinal Mahony arrived in Rome March 4, ready to cast his ballot for the next pope.  Unavailable to the American media, Mahony defended his record in the Italian press.  According to Corriere della Sera, Mahony said that “after 20 years, people are talking about abuse as if we had not done anything.”  He added that he would share his experience of tackling child molestation with fellow cardinals attending the conclave. 
Cardinal Levada:  A Courtroom Fixture
Cardinal Levada is a familiar figure in the court docket.
This fourth-generation Californian from Long Beach completed his education in Rome at the Pontifical Gregorian University and then returned his alma mater in Camarillo to teach theology.  In 1976, Levada was assigned to the Vatican, where he worked for and was befriended by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, who, as Benedict XVI, appointed him as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF).
Pious Cover-up:  The Rev. Gregory G. Ingels (center), San Francisco, Calif., was
a member of the St. John, Camarillo, 1960’s clique that included Roger Cardinal
Mahony (left), archbishop emeritus of Los Angeles; William Cardinal Levada
(right), archbishop emeritus of San Francisco; and Bishop George Patrick
Ziemann (1941-2009), Santa Rosa, Calif.  Ingels, who is several years younger
than the other members of the seminary group, became a protégé of Levada
in San Francisco.  Levada encouraged Ingels’ career in canon law and endorsed
his appointment as one of four legal experts to advise the United States Conference
of Catholic Bishops.  
Levada approved $3 million in reparations to settle the
victims of George Ingel.

Relinquishing his Portland assignment (1986-1995) to the future Cardinal George, Levada continued the disgraceful child molestation policy of Archbishop John R. Quinn in San Francisco.  His 9-year assignment was a campaign to shield peoples and any impugn who challenged the Roman Catholic system.
Levada and the Ingels Case Law Theory
For example, the predation activities of the Rev. Gregory G. Ingels were disclosed to Levada as early as 1996 (he allegedly sodomized a 15-year-old boy). 
The Menlo Park house where accused molester the Rev. Gregory G.
Ingels lived with former San Francisco Archbishop John R. Quinn.

Ingels was an underclassman to Mahony and Levada at Camarillo.  He, graduated in 1970, was ordained in 1974 (the year before Levada returned from Rome to teach at St. John) and became a respected canon lawyer.
Levada chose to ignore the child molestation complaints against his fellow Camarillo alumnus.  Instead he latched on to Ingels’ new canon law theory that pedophile priests suffered from a “psychic infirmity,” implying a pre-existing a psychological condition which could prevent the defrocking of sexual predators.  The Ingels Case Law Theory was adopted by the American bishop and used by Mahony to keep the Rev. Oliver O’Grady in cassock and collar.
Levada reward Ingels for this bit of legal “scholarship.”  Ingels joined the adjunct faculty of St. Patrick Seminary, Menlo Park; and got a cushy job at St. Bartholomew Church, San Mateo.
Levada’s patronage allowed Ingels to solidify his reputation as a leading expert on pedophile priests.  Church and court documents detail work as an expert witness for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in addition to providing legal advice other spoiled priests identified as serial predators.  But the ultimate accolade is the imprimatur of Canon Law Society of America, which published his articles and allowed him to lecture on the topic in the United States and abroad.
Levada’s Courtroom Ballet Continues
By 2005, Levada waived his right to diplomatic immunity as the agent of a foreign government, i.e. Vatican City, when he was deposed in the settlement phase of the bankruptcy trail of the Archdiocese of Portland.  The federal bankruptcy judge forced Levada’s hand as a condition to leave the United States and succeed Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (his longtime friend) as Prefect for Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the official guardian of Catholic doctrine.
In his Portland deposition, he excused his role an accomplice in at least six child molestation cases:
“So many of these cases involved abuse that happened decades before,” Levada told the court. “It seems to me that what you’re suggesting would affect a priest’s ability to minister and affect his reputation among the people.”
Going My Way:  In 1962, William Cardinal Levada (doing his best Bing Crosby
impersonation, including the straw hat) and George H. Niederauer, retired
archbishops of San Francisco, Calif., greeted each other at Los Angeles International
Airport shortly after Levada returned from a trip to Rome.  The pair met in 1950 at
St. Anthony’s High School, Long Beach, Calif., and matriculated together at St. John
Seminary, Camarillo. 
Each retired in the last year and, now, they share a condo in
Long Beach.  Niederauer succeeded Levada, when he was promoted to the Vatican
as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, previously held by his
other close friend, Benedict XVI.

In 2010, Benedict XVI, appointed Levada to investigate the Antonio Provolo Institute for the Deaf in Verona, Italy.  Three former students alleged and 65 other former students have signed statements saying that they or other students were abused by 24 priests and lay brothers abused them sexually and physically between 1950s to the 1980s.  As head of the CDF is the chief investigator of abuse allegations the Vatican, but it he ignore Provolo case for more than a year until international media investigation exposed the scandal.  The case is ongoing.
A year later, in 2011, Levada was named as defendant is child molestation complaint filed with International Criminal Court at The Hague.  The 80-page document alleges:
“The high-level officials of the Catholic church who failed to prevent and punish these criminal actions have, to date, enjoyed absolute impunity.”
In addition to Levada, the filing names Benedict XVI, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican’s secretary of state; and Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the previous secretary of state and the current dean of the College of Cardinals as co-conspirators.  Experts in international law suggest that the sexual abuse of minors by Roman Catholic priests is sufficiently heinous and widespread to be taken to the court, but diplomatic immunity will prevent further investigation.
Mahony and Levada:  Criminal Conspirators
The Nosferatu demeanor of Cardinal Levada may be distracting, but his public pronouncements as a churchman are pure Charles Manson.
Levada, of course, remains adamant in his defense of Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony, endorsing his fellow criminal accomplice as an appropriate choice to influence the decision-making of the conclave, despite the damning evidence contained in 12,000 pages of documents released by the Los Angeles courts in February.
An exhibit of the testimony released as part of the settlement of clergy sexual
abuse cases with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Calif.

“There are some victims groups for whom enough is never enough, so we have to do our jobs as best we see it,” said Levada, 76, who spoke with reporters at St. Patrick Seminary in Menlo Park, Calif., as he prepared for his trip to the Vatican for the papal conclave.

“[Cardinal Mahony] has apologized for errors in judgment that were made,” Levada said. “I believe he should be at the conclave.”

Mahony is bitter about the truth exposing him as an accomplice in the crimes against children. He has been revealed as a spoiled priest-turned-blogger; someone who focused on his persecution complex and his inability to forgive one’s enemies. On Monday, he commented about his special prayer group for people who “cannot forgive me for my past hurts and offenses,” in particular, the media, attorneys, protesters and those who“hate and despise me.”

Mahony also Tweets. A Rome-tagged sample: “Anyone interested in loving your enemies, or doing good to those who persecute you? See my blog for today. Wow, Jesus is demanding.” 
Cardinal George:  Chicago Mob Boss
Francis Cardinal George was appointed archbishop of Chicago in 1997.  From the outset his record as accomplice in the pedophile priest scandal shocking and dismal.

By 2005 Cardinal George was asserting that those who characterize the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People as “weak and ineffective” are “the enemies of the church,”, even though he has been forced to stand before the community-at-large time and again and admit his role in harboring sexual predators, blocking sex crime investigations, and a general failure to protect children from harm.
In a 2008 deposition, George admitted that — as in the case of Cardinal Dolan, as auxiliary bishop in St. Louis — he lobbied the State of Illinois to reduce the 20-year prison sentence of a convicted child molester, Norbert Maday.  The deposition was released y by the archdiocese as part of a $12.7 million settlement involving 16 victims and 11 priests.  The document also disclosed that the cardinal took extraordinary steps to protect Daniel McCormack and Joseph Bennett.
“The cardinal’s rhetoric about protecting victims and showing compassion to perpetrators and pastoral concern for incarcerated priests omits the theme on people’s minds,” according to Timothy Lytton, an Albany Law School professor who wrote “Holding Bishops Accountable: How Lawsuits Helped the Catholic Church Confront Clergy Sexual Abuse.” said. “That theme is: What is the institutional church going to do to hold officials accountable?”

Cardinal George’s attitude toward the victims of clerical sexual predators is a shameful reminder that he grows colder with each passing day toward those who have been severely harmed by some members of his organization. Was it only in 2002 that he stated famously that forcible sodomy of teenage boy is less serious than raping a teenage girl?

“History has shown that very little changes the behavior of the hierarchy,” said David Clohessy, executive director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.
“But history has also shown that exposing secrets does protect kids, prompts victims to come forward and prods Catholics and citizens to look at religious figures with a much healthier skepticism,” Clohessy said. “Real change could come about if the cardinal demoted church officials who concealed abuse.”

After all this time the Cardinal’s attitude toward the molestation of the vulnerable remains acrid and unforgiving. Could this character flaw mask an undiagnosed pathological condition.
Men like George, Mahony, and Levada will never accept the facts of this truly international scandal.  They prefer to continue their vindictive public relations campaign to smear the innocent and shield known criminals from justice.
And so, the conclave, or coven, which begins 12 March 2013 at the Vatican marks a new phase in the child sex scandal that continues to plague the Roman Catholic Church on an international scale.  Make no mistake:  this pedophile mindset is entrenched and hardy.  And even though we now have documentation that extends to the 1930s the Vatican leadership continues its attempt to confine the matter to the dustbin of history.
But our recollections remain firm and exact.  And so we return to Lady Deborah Slane, the principle character in Vita Sackville-West’s novel  All Passion Spent:
“Remembering:  That’s something you do when you are old.  Life becomes a landscape that one has crossed and I can see the whole view.   I can even pick out a particular field to wander around in.”
Next Time:  Who Should Be the Next Pope?



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