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A Case Study of Clergy Sexual Abuse

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Childproof 49: Deviant Celibacy and the Angst of Child Pornography, Part I

Page 49

Editorial Update:  14 April 2014

Dear Bishop Gaydos:
John R. Gaydos
Jefferson City, Mo.
Red-faced denial and blue-nosed indignation are the universal reactions of pornography consumers whenever their taste in literature is brought into the public square.  This skein of defense rarely provides comfort, whether or not the images print, digital, or moving pictures are legal or illicit.  Peddler or purchaser:  the label of pervert always sticks.
Pornography consumption is a matter of
personal choice, even for someone who
is supposed to be a spiritual leader.  But
we have to wonder about a clergyman’s
commitment to his theology and philosophy
when he endorses child molestation, human
trafficking, sexual slavery, and the degradation
of women and children.

“Deviant Celibacy” is not a vocation.  Nor is the systematic
method of cover-up favored by the bishops of the Middle
West: you yourself, in particular, and Robert W.
Finn, and
John C. Nienstedt.
Smut and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
When the Canadian bishop, Raymond Lahey, was charged with possession of child pornography in September 2009 by customs authorities at Macdonald–Cartier International Airport in Ottawa, he denied ownership of his own laptop and knowledge of the images on the hard drive.  He, then, rationalized that his laptop had been hacked, which resulted in the 588 child pornography images found.

Raymond Lahey
Nova Scotia
Bishop-St. George
Lahey offered no reason for the additional
63 videos and print collateral with themes
categorized as “mastery and slavery,”
humiliation of young boys, torture of
young boys, sex acts between boys, and
degradation of young boys
.  Nor could
he explain his itinerary which included
stopping off points in Thailand, Indonesia,
and other sex tour destinations that cater
to child predators.

At the time, Lahey was bishop of
Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and chancellor
of St. Francis Xavier University there.
month before his arrest, the
compromised clergyman had brokered
the settlement of a $15 million class-
action lawsuit brought by former
child sexual abuse victims in the
diocese that date back to 1950.  For
more information:  Childproof 17.
Lahey entered a guilty plea for possession of the kiddie porn
two years later in 2011, but not before a paid a psychiatrist testified under oath that the predator priest is not a “pedophile.”  On 4 January 2012,
Ontario Court Justice Kent Kirkland sentenced Lahey to 15 months in jail with credit for the 16 months already served.  As a result, Bishop Lahey walked out of the courtroom a free man subject to probation for 24 months.
Canadian Clergymen and the Manufacture of Child Pornography
Twelve months after the Lahey case on 21 December 2012 coincidence and sense of déjà vu set in when the Rev. Mr. William Kokesch was arrested on charges of making child pornography.  Kokesch, the former director of communications (1995-2005) for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, was taken into custody after police seized more than 100,000 computer files, as well as messages left at chat-room sites.

William Kokesch
Canadian Conference
of Catholic Bishops
Permanent Deacon
St. Edmund of Canterbury
Beaconsfield, Quebec
Initially, the authorities said more than
2,000 images and chat room messages
found on pedophile websites were taken
from his home.  But court testimony
disclosed that investigators had found
more than 99,000 images and more than
2,000 videos of children being sexually
exploited.  Many of the children involved,
mostly girls, were aged one to five years
old and had been placed in erotic poses
or were engaging in explicit sexual activity. 
The 65-year-old clergyman, who is
married with five adult children, was
arrested after police searched his
home in Pointe Claire, a Montreal
suburb.  His parish office at
St. Edmund
of Canterbury, Beaconsfield
Kokesch was ordained as a “permanent deacon” in the diocese of Montreal in 1981.  He coordinated the Canadian presence at the Vatican-sponsored World Youth Day international conferences in 1997, 2000, and 2002. 
He also is one of nine Americans and Canadians who drafted a
2002 North American pastoral plan for vocations.  In 2005, Kokesch organized the Canadian delegation program for the World Youth Day Catholic celebration in Cologne, Germany. 
Kokesch pled guilty 21 February 2014 to production, possession and distribution of child pornography:  a maximum 10-year prison sentence.  His next court date is 26 May 2014.
The Gaydos Method:  Harness Kiddie Porn
Brendan Doyle
Spiritual Director
Racquetball Coach
Helias High School
Jefferson City, Mo.
The Diocese of Jefferson City has a long,
complacent history of skirting pornography
allegations and protecting priests who
indulge in the erotic (
printed or visual
material containing the explicit description
or display of sexual organs or activity
rather than the
aesthetic, intellectual,
or spiritual. 
We know of two cases in which the priests
still work as pastors of rural parishes,
despite the evidence and witnesses.

St. Joseph, Salisbury, is the scene of
one these incidents.  St. Peter, Fulton,
is the second site.
You and Michael F. McAuliffe have worked assiduously to protect these child predators taking actions that include the destruction of hard drives and printed collateral as part of their evidence tampering efforts.  Msgr. Michael Wilbers supervised this bit of Missouri porn history in Salisbury and Fulton.
Gaydos Escapes Vice Squad Intervention
The most recent Gaydos employee exposed by the vice squad
in November 2011, the Rev. Brendan Doyle, had been concealed
since at least 2008.  But that did not prevent Doyle or Gaydos
from using same methodology as Bishop Lahey to explain away the licentiousness of the material revealed during a forensic search of Doyle’s personal laptop and his office computer at Helias High School, Jefferson City, Mo.

We will not address the long history of diocese (i.e. you and McAuliffe) assigning known predators as spiritual directors for
the students at Helias. 

We won’t dwell on the matter of Tim Dunville, the Helias tennis coach implicated in the 2013 money-for-marriage scandal
($36,000 to marry a Ukrainian national for United States citizenship).  Dunville, 44, resigned from the Helias faculty the week of 4 February 2013.

Nor will we discuss the 13 February 2014 resignation of art teacher Mark Friggle as a result of sexual innuendo directed at a 14-year-old female student, which the media has described as “perverted in nature.”

Phony Baloney:  According to Bishop Gaydos, Father Brendan
Doyle, the former spiritual director and racquetball coach
at Helias High School, is the victim of a one-time
aberration of misjudgment.  Gaydos claims that
“Outside of
this incident, the Diocese has not received any report of
improper conduct or abuse of a minor involving Fr. Doyle.

But an affidavit from a Firley YMCA official in Jefferson City
indicates that Gaydos was notified about other Doyle incidents
in 2008.  The YMCA-Doyle Affidavit appears below.

You and your vicar general, Msgr. Gregory L. Higley, have portrayed the Doyle affair as an indiscrete aberration.  In fact, in a 14 March 2012 statement, Gaydos said that Doyle has not been linked to other incidents:
“Outside of this incident, the Diocese has not received any report of improper conduct or abuse of a minor involving Fr. Doyle.”
YMCA Memo:  Brendan Doyle Just Another Dirty Old Man
What the bishop of Jefferson City has not tell the public is that
he church employees spoke with and met in 2008 with
an official of the Firley YMCA, Jefferson City, to discuss Doyle’s relationship with young boys.  In fact, the YMCA official drafted and had notarized a two-page affidavit, which was submitted to the City
of Columbia Police Department to highlight the misinformation disclosed to the media.

The YMCA-Doyle Affidavit describes a 2008 telephone conversation about Doyle’s activities with Stan Ochsner, the former Helias athletic director and current dean of students.  Ochsner joined the Helias faculty in 1997 and was athletic director for more than a decade until he was named dean in 2011. 

The YMCA-Doyle Affidavit also addresses a face-to-face meeting
the author had with a diocesan staff member — the likely candidates are either Higley or Ronald Vessel — who promised that the complaint would be investigated and that the documentation would kept by the diocese.  
Vessel was the director of the so-called “Community Reconciliation” program in 2008.

But considering the legal implications, the complainant most likely met with Higley.  Higley has been the direct contact in any number of clergy abuse cases and is known to be a hard-hearted inquisitor rather than a pastoral caregiver.
Stan Ochsner
Athletic Director
Dean of Students
Helias High School
Ochsner:  No Comment
Ochsner declined to comment about the
YMCA-Doyle Affidavit during a telephone
conversation on 14 April 2014, according
to our source.  Instead, he referred us to
the Chancery.

As with Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky,
the disgraced Pennsylvania State University
athletic director and football coach,
respectively, the affidavit describes
incidents in which Doyle showered with
young boys at the Firley YMCA.  The
YMCA-Doyle Affidavit notes that Doyle
used the sauna and steam room facilities
with young boys.  The YMCA-Doyle
Affidavit, too, recounts an incident in
which Doyle questioned a boy about a
gift of tennis shoes.  Links to the document
are:  YMCA-Doyle Affidavit, Page 1 and
YMCA-Doyle Affidavit, Page 2.
Gaydos Responds to Doyle-YMCA Affidavit
Per Ochsners suggestion, our source followed up with a Gaydos representative.  A written statement from the representative about the YMCA-Doyle Affidavit, dated 14 April 2014, is non-committal while hedging the point in question:

In 2008, the Diocese was contacted regarding a
matter concerning Fr. Brendan Doyle.  The Diocese,
however, does not know if the unnamed individual
who made the referenced 2011 affidavit is the
person who contacted the diocese in 2008.  It is
very possible it could be the same person.

In 2008, a man came to the Diocese and met
with the Associate to the Chancellor, Mr. Ron
Vessell.  The man reported that he had concerns
that Fr. Brendan Doyle was playing racquetball
with teenagers and that after games he was in
the locker room with them, but at no time did
this man allege that any improper conduct had
occurred and he did not report any allegations
of sexual abuse. 

In fact, in a subsequent visit a few days later,
this same man came to the Diocese and again
met with Mr. Vessell and emphasized that he
was not alleging that improper conduct had
occurred.  He said that his reason for informing
the Diocese was to make it aware of Fr. Doyle’s
actions and to inquire about their appropriateness.

Despite this tepid doubletalk from a babbling bishop we will rely on the testimony of this Citizen Hero who saw smoke and flames and yelled Fire.’ 

Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Phillips, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri (2009-2012), declined to prosecute the 73-year-old priest, most likely the result of deal worked out by Gaydos, Higley, and Doyle’s own attorney.  Phillips was appointed to the Federal Bench of the U. S. District Court, Western District of Missouri in 2012. 

We do not believe it is too much to assume that Phillips may have made a different decision if she had access to the YMCA-Doyle Affidavit and witness.  We do not believe it is too much to assume that you, Bishop Gaydos, and your legal advisors suppressed this evidence.  As a result, it appears that Phillips’ was blindsided and concern about career advancement preceded interest in the behavior of someone portrayed as just another dirty old man.
We can take comfort that Judge Phillips is an advocate for victims of sexual violence.  She served on the board of directors of the Kansas City Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault (MOCSA), a non-profit organization that exists to lessen the ill effects of sexual assault and violence through intervention, advocacy, education and treatment. She also served on the board of directors of the Child Protection Center, a child advocacy center that conducts forensic interviews and provides crisis intervention to children who have disclosed sexual abuse and their families.
According to a 4 December 2011 affidavit filed with the Columbia Police
Department, an official with the Firley YMCA in Jefferson City contends that
Bishop Gaydos deliberately misled the public about the actions of the Rev.
Brendan Doyle.  The YMCA-Doyle Affidavit is explicit in the fact the YMCA
official spoke with Helias High School Athletic Director Stan Ochsner (now
dean of students) in 2008 about Doyle’s relationships with boys, including
shower, sauna, and steam room incidents.  The YMCA-Doyle Affidavit also
states that the YMCA official met face-to-face a chancery official to follow
up his conversation with Ochsner.  It appears that Gaydos withheld 
from the
authorities the 2008 notes and details of this meeting when Doyle negotiated
a with the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri.

Gaydos and the Secret of Doyle’s Hard Drive
Gaydos, Higley, and the seven secret members of the Church’s so-called Clergy Review Board have not offered up for public review any of the lascivious images found on the computer hard drives of 73-year-old racquetball coach and spiritual director at Helias High School.
But still, strange as it may seem, the pedophile priest board considered the results of its own investigation and information separate from law enforcement officials and determined:
“Fr. Doyle violated the Charter based on downloaded pornographic images that were found on a laptop computer he owned and a school laptop he used.”
Although Gaydos has chosen not to retain the services of Doyle, something is amiss:
“The review board recommended to Bishop John R.
Gaydos that Fr. Doyle not return to public ministry
at this time (and) Bishop Gaydos has accepted the
Gaydos Shuffles Doyle to Keep Secrets
Bishop Gaydos, you have merely shuffled another suspect priest.  And, again, he has demonstrated that the “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People” is nothing more than a false and deceitful piece of paper.

Gaydos continue to violate his promise for transparency and openness with church members and the public by declining to specify the content found on Doyle’s computer.  Rather than place the villain
in a remote, secure, independently run treatment facility, Gaydos will allow Doyle to continue to deceive parents who might entrust him with their children: 
And if the Doyle matter involves child pornography, then Gaydos, Higley and the secretive Board of Review should aggressively reach out to others who may have seen, suspected, or suffered from his crimes and misdeeds.  To date, Doyle has not been prosecuted effectively and others he may have hurt cannot get the help
they need.
Doyle’s defenders, in the meanwhile, have thrown up a digital fence, touting his “innocence.” 
According to a note received from Mert McMichael dated, 29 January 2013:

“I know you have seen a lot and have had very hard
times but not all priest [sic] are guilty. I wish you the
very best in bring forth the ones who have done wrong.
But you are very careless in some of you suppose [sic]
findings. Rev. Brendan Doyle never had a computer at
Helias [High] School in his office. He took his home
computer to a teacher at Helias to work on it.
The FBI was called in to look at what one woman didn’t
understand or like on the computer. They stated that
there was nothing on the computer of child pornography.
This man has work [sic] with children all his life. He has
a clean record and even after the chancery sent letters
out to parishes to ask if anyone had anything again [sic]
him. Nothing came back. 
Years ago our son was one of many who went to the
Y and played racket ball with him. Father to this day
plays racket ball everyday [sic]. You know why?
Because he has a leg problem which he has had
for years and this is the way he can hopefully stay
on his feet.
You have much work to do and have done good
things but please don’t get it wrong. You have
taken much from this priest who doesn’t deserve
it. I know the facts.”
No one disputes that inappropriate images were found on Doyle’s personal laptop.  They had to have come from somewhere and he is the only person who could have downloaded them. 

Msgr. Gregory L. Higley
Vicar General
Jefferson City, Mo.
Many of Doyle’s supporters, with the
support of Higley and other diocesan
administrators, have fallen for the
“eccentric codger” gambit, i.e. too
befuddled to manage technology
adroitly.  Some are relying on the
“set-up” scenario, i.e. a person or
persons unknown planted the images
on his home and school hard drives.
And another contingent cites the
“Internet virus” syndrome, i.e. an
intruder hacked his hard drives. 
The most loyal, though, believe Gaydos sacrificed Doyle to protect dwindling financial resources, while his libertarian backers believe pornography is a personal matter even for someone who is supposed to be a spiritual leader (forget about human trafficking, sexual slavery, and degrading women and children).
This odd rationale, though, often is fortified by folks like Travis Brinkly:
“He’s a human being; males are born with the instincts to procreate! Why is it a computer technicians or anyone else’s goddamn business what is on his computer? Doesn’t matter who he is!”
We think we can rely on more responsible observers to point
out the truth, as Earl Kliethermes posed with KRCG/TV-13, Jefferson City:
“Many people are using the ‘he’s a nice guy – I know
him’ line to deny the possibility of guilt here.  Now,
just as a far lesser example, when I was in local
retail, a number of nice, well-dressed and even
popular people visited, brought friends, talked
with me face to face and then stole from me
and talked trash behind my back as a cover.
And this is the everyday case in so many crimes,
tiny or large.

I’m not passing final judgment, but I do quarrel
with the excuses made to completely discount
any possibility of guilt.  People are fooled every
day by their own roommates, co-workers and
family members.  You have to face possibilities
or fall victim the next time around.”

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